Pop Up Camper Rental Check This List Before Renting

A pop up camper rental is the right choice when you are undecided about which RV type is the best to satisfy your requirements before buying one. Typical questions that prospective users of pop up campers have are: Would I be able to unfold easily the camper once I arrive at the campsite?

The location of the RV air conditioner will not be in the roof: Am I fine with this outcome? Are RV refrigerators suitable for pop up campers? Do I lose a lot of privacy in a pop up camper? Is it suitable for children?

When you are deciding yourself for a pop up camper rental, discover beforehand if it has an air conditioner and which is its position in the targeted RV.

Unless you go for a pop up camper rental, you will not be able to answer these questions precisely.

So you want to go RVing with a pop up camper. However, you think that it is not something you can afford because of the cost of these units. You are wrong. You do not need to buy a camper in order to be able to enjoy its benefits and you can simply decide yourself for a pop up camper rental. 

You are not sure yet if a pop up camper is the best type of RV for you. It could be very difficult to unfold it when you reach the campsite, it could be that the layout is not satisfactory for you, it can happen that you cannot have a roof air conditioner. Therefore to be sure that a pop up camper is an adequate recreational vehicle for you, you have first to rent. Here we offer you several pop up camper rental opportunities, so you can decide later on if this type of camper is what serves your requirements the best.

pop up camper rental

It is said that there are as many different types of RVs as people who love camping. No two campers are the same. There is a choice for every style and budget. Thus campers start from a few thousand dollars, and you can even spend more than a million. Even better, you may not necessarily buy one to go RVing. You may merely decide yourself for a pop up camper rental.

Pop up campers or tent trailers are lightweight, easy to cope with, and an alternative for those looking for something affordable, practical, and yet comfortable enough. You can call them camp or tent on wheels. They are small trailers that are extremely easy to maneuver, do not need much parking space, and when you reach the camping site, all you do is “pop-up” the tent, activity called unfolding.

Do not confuse pop up campers with usual camping tents as pop up campers still offer more space, comfort, and amenities. Materials used to create pop up campers are much better than conventional tents.

Here are some of the reasons to consider pop-up campers and to decide for a pop up camper rental afterward.

  • Cheap pop up camper rental options: First and foremost, a pop up camper rental is very cheap, for example, whether you want to buy or rent a one, they are the most affordable option. If you are going to buy one, you may purchase one out of pocket, without support from financial institutions as the pop up campers are one of the cheapest RVs after some small and tiny RVs and the teardrop trailers, that are even cheaper. And even if you decide for a pop up camper rental, you will not have to worry about the costs and can spend an extended vacation at your favorite place. Moreover, simplicity has specific benefits over the more complex and expensive campers such as large class A RVs and motorhomes.
  • Save money in comparison with other lodging options:  The price to stay at a full-service RV park is still much lower than a hotel stay. Costs can really be enormous if the family size is large and their members are planning to have an extended vacation. Moreover, with campers, your kitchen goes with you, which means not only good and healthy food but also considerable savings in meals. Cooking outside can itself be enjoyable. With a pop up camper rental you have the kitchen ready to use and a small RV refrigerator. 
  • Convenience: Pop up campers or tent trailers are way more convenient in comparison to camping. It has a more comfortable sleeping space, kitchen, and many other amenities. So this is related with the previous point, but now we refer to not only a price advantage, but also an advantage in space and a larger footprint.
  • Easier to tow: When compared to other RVs or travel trailers, pop up campers are compact and lightweight. These attributes mean that you can go even a bit off-road with them. Best of all, you do not need to upgrade your vehicle as most of the cars, trucks, or SUVs can tow them. It is easier to have a vehicle that reaches the towing capacity required as the weight of the towable vehicle is lower.
  • Flexibility: With a pop up camper rental you can go almost anywhere without worrying about accommodation. You can shorten or extend your stay at any place according to your liking. You can even make last minute or on-the-way changes in your schedule or travel plans. This is also an advantage of rentals for travel trailers and also renting any other type of RV.
  • Helps connect with nature: A pop up camper rental allows you to enjoy with lightweight pop up campers to obtain an improved feeling of being close to nature. Less weight and luxuries may also translate into fewer headaches. You will be most of the time outside the camper that will nevertheless remain unfolded during the planned stay in the campsite. Therefore, you can enjoy the mountain views or go kayaking instead of worrying about other things.
  • Unplug yourself– In the last twenty years or so, electronic communication devices have emerged as a source of stress. Taking a camping break with a pop-up camper, somewhere far from the cityscape, in a landscape of your choice, or even near waterscape, would provide you that long-needed relief. It will help you charge emotionally. It is the simplicity of a pop up camper or tent trailer that is so important in stress relief, something you cannot get while staying in a hotel with all the comforts. After enjoying a week of the pop up camper rental, you can define if this is the right life you want for you and your family, or if the week “unplugging” was too much.
  • Learning experience for your and your family.  Again, this is not only an advantage of pop up camper rental, but actually of RVing in general:  camping means freedom to stay near national parks, visit museums, star gazing, identifying animal tracks, and much more. It gives the opportunity to learn things that are not taught in traditional schools if you have children.

So you have decided to go camping and go with a pop up camper, but still not decided? Let us look at some of the pros and cons of a pop up camper rental.

Pop Up Camper Rental Pros And Cons 

Pros Of Pop Up Camper Rental

  • Pop up camper rental is clearly a low-cost activity: The most vital factor to consider them is undoubtedly the cost factor. Even if you later decide to buy a camper of this type, in many cases, you wil not need to seek financial assistance for buying one. They are not motorized and bulky. Thus, they are the most affordable type of RV in the case that after the pop up camper rental you decide to buy one, exceptions are the tiny RVs and the teardrop trailers that are even less expensive.
  • Very easy to tow. No worries about towing as we explained earlier. They are lightweight, they weigh less than travel trailers and fifth wheels. All this means that you do not need specialized training or driving experience. Best of all, you even do not need to upgrade to an SUV or a truck as you would need with a fifth wheel. In fact, most of the cars can also tow a pop up camper, however check NADA guides and the manufacturer recommendations for each RV.
  • The small size when folded. The smaller size means freedom. Freedom to park, whether at home or traveling. Pop up campers do not demand as much space as travel trailers, class A RVs, motorhomes or other RVs. You will notice that after a week of pop up camper rental. For this reason, is that we recommend not to rent less than a week.
  • A balance between size and price:  Although all of the RVs of this type would have good sleeping space, some of the models would have even a kitchen and shower. It means that you can go light, and still enjoy the amenities available with much large and costly travel trailers or fifth wheel. Again, a pop up camper rental of an RV without some amenities will help you to find out if you really need those facilities or you can be a week without them.

Cons of Pop Up Camper Rental

  • Storage availability: Small size does not necessarily mean compromise on storage. Storage availability is also the function of design and is not just about the size and the footprint of the RV. It means that there would still be ample space for storage of essentials, and even for your toys like kayaks and bikes. Many campers have extra storage space attached to the outside of the pop-up tent trailer. However in these units, when they are folded, you cannot store many things. If you are using a portable RV fridge, you will need extra space.  These RVs do not have a toy hauler to offer you extra space. Here you can decide after a pop up camper rental if the lack of storage space is also a concern for you.
  • Withstand of adverse weather conditions: There are better choices in harsh specific weather conditions. They have more mesh windows; it means that you can enjoy the fresh breeze most of the time. Quite often we go camping for this very experience. Nevertheless, during winter, these RVs are difficult to winterize. Likewise in summer, you have to realize if the peculiar position of the RV air conditioner is suitable for you. There are Dometic and Norcold models that adapt well to these RVs. Something else to discover if you decide for a pop up camper rental in summer.
  • Time required to unfold the camper: Nothing is perfect in the world, everything has its advantages and drawbacks, and pop up campers are no exception to this rule. One of the major issue with them, in comparison to travel trailers or other RVs is the longer set-up time. A pop up camper requires to open the tent before you go inside. Similarly, it takes a little bit of extra effort to pack up the things.
  •  Air conditioning: As the pop up camper folds itself, it cannot host an RV air conditioner in the roof. Having the RV AC unit in the room is the standard in RVing and also manufacturers Norcold and Dometic have cornerstone models for the installation in the RV roof. The air conditioner in a pop up camper hast to be located in a different position, much lower. During your pop up camper rental period, you will discover if this feature is suitable for you. Not having at all at air conditioner device,  means that these RVs may be uncomfortable if weather conditions are far from ideal. In the heat, they would get heated, whereas in the cold they would be freezing. When you are deciding yourself for a pop up camper rental, investigate beforehand if it has an air conditioner and which is its position in the targeted RV.
  • Particular structure of pop up campers: Furthermore, and related to some of the disadvantages depicted above, they are not the best option for camping in places with windy or stormy conditions. In rough weather conditions, there would be lots of movements, noise, and some of the pop-up tents are not fully wind-proof. This is a disadvantage of these units who do not offer structural resistance as other RV types in exchange with their flexibility. Decide after a week long pop up camper rental contract, if this drawback is a problem or not for you, in case you want to purchase later one of these recreational vehicles.
  • Privacy: Privacy is another aspect that may be a concern in some cases. However, it may not be a big issue as people spend most of the time outside while camping. Moreover, privacy is not much of a problem between a couple.
  • Safety: Safety is of course another practical issue with a pop up camper rental; you cannot leave valuables inside the vehicle if the RV is unattended. There are known situations when someone cut the tent with a knife and stole the objects inside while the occupants were outside. If you always go to a camp site this will not be a concern.
pop up camper rental

Conclusions About The Convenience of Pop Up Camper Rental

Now that you know the features, pros and cons of a pop up camper rental, answering this question may be easier for you. Nevertheless, if you feel overwhelmed by the information, here is the shorter checklist. A pop-up camper may be a perfect choice if:

  • Few people are traveling, and privacy is not an issue, that is family or close friends. You can divide the price of the pop up camper rental in all the occupants.
  • You would not like to spend a significant amount of money on travel trailers or other RVs, and still, want to give RVing a try. So for this teh best option is to go for a pop up camper rental during at least a week.
  • You want more comfort than a regular tent, but still, you are comfortable with minimum amenities. In this case, a pop up camper rental is the way to go. renting a teardrop trailer is not a good idea, it would be too small.
  • You want to travel to places, where going with larger RVs may not be an option. Or you do not want to get too much attention. Here the best option is actually to rent a class B RV, that looks like a normal van.  You will not get any attention in some Jayco or Forest River model of that type. Pop up camper rental will be the second best option in these particular cases.
  • You are not comfortable with towing larger travel trailers, and neither have any plans to update your tow vehicle. Good decision here is a pop up camper rental. These RVs are very light and quite stable during travel: they travel completely folded.
  • You plan to camp at places with mild weather conditions, or during the time of year when weather conditions are suitable for outdoor stays. In an extremely cold or hot weather instead, a pop up camper rental is a bad option. In those cases, better rent a travel trailer.

Would a Pop Up Camper Rental be an Expensive Option?

In most cases No. Usually, the basic type of pop up camper rental with limited space would cost about $60-$80 a day, while larger ones may have a rent of more than $100 a day. Not very cheap, but still less expensive than most of the hotels.

Furthermore, it is not just about saving; it is about a different kind of experience. In camping you are closer to nature, you are in control of the situation, you can stay where hotels may not be available at all. Just speaking, the camper would give an experience that no hotel can provide (of course if you are not mere comfort seeker, and if you are into RVing like me, you are not).

Likewise, a pop up camper rental may be a way of exploring the world of camping, learning to be at ease with it. In fact, experts highly recommend that non-experienced people should first rent a camper, rather than buying a one. That way they can learn a lot of things, that would make it easier to decide whether they want to buy a camper or not, if the investment in a camper is worth or not, for them.

Further, renting means fewer worries in many ways. There is no need for permanent parking space at home, which in many cases may not be available and renting a parking space may be a costly affair. It also means no worries about maintenance and other hidden expenses that come with owning any camper.

Pop-up campers are a perfect option for those with some camping experience, as they come with far more comfort and conveniences. Moving upward is always easier than moving downwards. Meaning that those with knowledge of travel trailers or other higher types of RVs may not like the kind of facilities that come with pop-up tent campers, so they should dismiss a pop up camper rental.  Unlike traditional camping, you can still carry a lot more things in a pop-up tent camper

Bonus tips for camping with a pop-up camper

Here are few more tips from professionals to make your camping experience comfortable and really enjoy a good pop up camper rental period.

  • Plan ahead and have a checklist- that may seem obvious, but still, most fail in the planning. Whether you buy an RV, or, as we recommend, go for a pop up camper rental, you would still need to take a whole lot of things with you for an enjoyable stay like a stove, propane that lasts for entire vacations, batteries, necessary equipment to fix the small problems. Getting familiar with the pop-up camper would help to reduce the stress level.
  • Park on level ground- else it would be difficult while walking or sleeping, it could be quite a discomfort especially if you are camping for a long. If you are camping on mountains, better do not trust your own eyes, and use leveling bubbles.
  • Before moving furniture and other things inside your pop-up camper ensure that roof is wholly elevated. Not raising the roof completely, and starting to move stuff inside is the primary reason for wears and tears.
  • Invest in different types of storage bins- that would make organizing things more manageable. So invest in coolers, storage boxes. For smaller items or food products, Tupperware is a good option.
  • Finally, know your neighbors, as camping is also about making new friends. In  the camp sites, I always talk with the other campers. Many people you will meet may be far more experienced campers than you; they can share their experience with you, share hints, in that way you can learn much more.

Finally, move forward with your plans to go camping. Remember that perfect planning is not possible at least in the beginning. There is no substitute for experience. No amount of reading blogs or magazines can help you like the real-life experience. With time you will learn to organize the things better, pack the items, and utilize the space optimally.

So do not get irritated if things do not work out as planned for the very first time. Just enjoy your vacations, make new friends, and with time you will master the art and science of handling pop-up tent campers, and for this, nothing better than testing the waters with a one-week pop up camper rental.

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