Camper Trailer Rental Pros And Cons: Should I Buy?

Camper Trailer Rental: Pros And Cons

In this article we are going after the introduction below, to see the pros and cons of camper trailer rental and a concise but meaningful checklist of what to inspect before renting and which contract clauses will require us to pay attention before signing. Why camper trailer rental instead of buying? When you decide for full RVing, it is not easy to choose which RV type will be the most suitable for you and your family: you can go as small as a tiny RV without bathroom, to a small camper with wet bath, a teardrop camper, all the way until a large coach motorhome. However, until you are sure about which is the most convenient RV type for you, I always suggest going for a camper trailer rental, not less than a week, so you can decide if a camper type like the one you rented is actually what you need. Likewise, if you are not fully into RVing and you just utilize the camper two months per year, maybe a simple rental will suffice and you should avoid the acquisition of, for example, a huge fifth wheel, only to discover that the towing capacity of your vehicle is not enough and you have to buy also a powerful Ford pickup to tow it.

A camper trailer can be termed as a small-sized mobile home that can be towed by a car or any suitable vehicle depending on the camper weight and the towing capacity of the towing vehicle.

It is much smaller than a large class A RV and thus, easier to be carried anywhere, even on very narrow lanes or rough terrains. Nowadays, the passionate travelers find it more viable to engage on a camper trailer rental and fulfill their ambition of going on long tours. You can easily check out with a reputed RV rental company and plan out your vacations in a unique style.

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Major Benefits Of A Camper Trailer Rental

  • Floorplan based searching mode –  In a camper trailer rental, you decide the size of the floorplan you require, checking it during the search. As an ideal camper trailer contains all the facilities of a cozy home, people can travel in it with their families and even with children safely and comfortably. Hence, retired couples or young people prefer to take camper trailers on rent to satisfy their cravings for long-distance tours.
  • Cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation – Often people find the option of traveling in a camper trailer to be much comfortable and easier than staying in a hotel or luxury cottage or lodge during their vacations and tours. A camper trailer rental is much affordable than most of the hotel rooms. Moreover, they can use this rented RV easily for sightseeing in even remote places and avoid the hassle of renting a car every time they need to visit a new place. 
  • More flexibility to handle costs – The price of a camper trailer rental is far cheaper than the charges for hotel accommodation or the cost price of a new RV. Moreover, you can save the high expenses of hiring vehicles for sightseeing to all the places around, mainly during the peak tourist seasons. You can visit these places in your towing vehicle unattached it from the RV. In a camper trailer rental contract, you do not even need to pay the maintenance costs and the payments for insurance of these vehicles. Thus, regular travelers can save a huge sum of money through the utilization of rented RVs that can be spent for more sightseeing and maybe on a shopping spree.
  • Huge options to choose from – The camper trailers are available in various sizes, designs, and colors in the market. therefore, camper trailer rental opportunities are huge and you can simply browse through all the available options offered by the reliable RV rental companies and choose the ones that suit your requirements the best. These camper trailers can also be searched according to the interior space and the amenities, as per the preference of the people renting them. Nevertheless, there are not many options in camper trailer rental to make slight alterations in the interior amenities, according to the tastes of the renters.

Tips For A Successful Camper Trailer Rental 

There are a few highly renowned companies that offer huge varieties of camper trailer rental offers. So the renters need to keep in mind some vital pointers that will aid them in choosing the best RVs for their use, to make their RVing highly enjoyable.

  • Find a reliable renting company – Here we offer you some of the most famous companies where after registration and confirmation of your mail, you can start to search for a camper trailer rental immediately.
  • Know the entire cost of renting beforehand – The rates for camper trailer rental vary according to the models of the vehicles and also may differ from company to company. So you should find out the quotes from all the local RV rental companies, for the chosen model of a camper trailer. Then they should check if these quotes include all the extra charges other than the fixed rental fees, like the insurance costs or the security deposits. However, the amounts of security deposits and rental fees are higher for camper trailer rental of larger units such as fifth wheels; whereas smaller RVs are found to be lesser expensive for the renters. The security deposit amounts are usually refunded to the customers, once they hand over the rented RVs in the original condition, as accepted by the agency. Some agencies also charge per mile as an extra. Therefore check the conditions of the camper trailer rental engagement for each vehicle you target as these conditions differ.
  • Availability of suitable parking – The camper trailers need to be stationed at secure camping sites, where the travelers and their families will feel safe to stay. Hence, it is essential to check the width of the roads on which a rented RV will be traveling and the sizes of the parking spaces available at the places where it is designated to go, as part of the touring schedule.  Often the large-sized vehicles may face difficulty in getting appropriate parking spaces in safe zones. This means that if you prefer a camper trailer rental of a large fifth wheel you have to check all these details, whereas if you just rent a small teardrop, not.
  • Ancillary contractual conditions: The renters should also check the present conditions of the camper trailers before signing the camper trailer rental documents with the agencies. See if the wastewater tanks have to be emptied and which is the penalty for not doing it.

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