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Travel Trailer Rental

You are not sure if the RVing lifestyle is right for you. You are unsure which would be your preferred RV type. For these situations, the best decision is that you decide on a travel trailer rental for at least one week. You will discover if a travel trailer is a right type of recreational vehicle for you, or not.


Difficulty to select the preferred RV type: One may get utterly perplexed by the sheer number of options, variations. There are classes A, B, and C recreational vehicles (RVs), that have a dedicated engine and are more expensive but come with many more amenities. On the other hand, there are trailers, that can be towed by a truck or SUV that a person already owns. They also come in various models with elementary functions to those fitted with many comfy options. The decision on choosing the type of vehicle is made by considering several options. Cost of owning or renting the vehicle, length of the planned journey/vocations. Experience of a person with one or another kind of RVs. Trailers are among the economic variants, which provide space for living and some other essential amenities. After at least one week in a travel trailer rental contract, you will be able to answer all these questions thoroughly.

Freedom to select among different lodging options: So you are the kind of person who loves to go on extended vacations? Likes the sound of birds, rivers, nature, then, a one-week travel trailer rental may be the way forward. Extended stays in hotels and motels may be expensive, and in many cases, such facilities may not be available everywhere. Owning a travel trailer (or renting) provides you with complete freedom. For a short time, you can even enjoy the life of a vagabond, free from stress away from the job, and return to your normal life after the expiration of the travel trailer rental contract with the dealer.

Floor plan layout is important and not only the size: Floor plan of any RV including travel trailer is the most important thing. It is quite difficult to decide on the size and type of floor plan that would be good for you and your family. However, a travel trailer rental gives you the option of trying various floor plans and travel trailers of different sizes before you decide on buying one.

Towing capacity of the vehicle: A travel trailer is in the so-called towable vehicle category. Small and light, that is pulled by SUV or a truck. They come in various sizes with the larger one having enough of floor space for a family with kids. Travel trailers are easy to drive because of high maneuverability, though some driving experience is required. They are relatively easy to park too, as they may fit in smaller parking spaces. Nonetheless, a more modest size does not mean compromise as travel trailers come with an almost infinite number of options. It is not easy to drive as a pop up camper or as a class B RV anyway.

Good balance between price and convenience: A travel trailer is a real value for money, whether you want to buy or just engage in a travel trailer rental. It gets you going with a small investment. Choosing a travel trailer is relatively easy as you do not select a truck, as it is something that you already own. Thus you can focus your attention on the trailer itself, and the available options. A travel trailer is going through lots of innovation. They come in various styles and designs. Modern travel trailers genuinely look good. Although travel trailers are not very big, one must choose the size carefully. Larger trailers are difficult to park and drive. Arrange with your dealer a travel trailer rental of a small unit, rather than a large one.

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Travel Trailer Rental: Is It Better To Buy One Instead?

Once a person has made up a mind to go forward with a travel trailer, the next big question comes is whether to buy one, or buy a used one (preowned), or just move into a travel trailer rental Each option has its pros and cons.

Lower cost of a used trailer: Even if you decide to buy, there are many options and cost variations. If you buy a new one then it would have higher initial costs, but lower maintenance costs. Choosing a preowned means lower buying costs but higher maintenance costs. Whereas the preowned trailer can be bought for a few thousand bucks, a new trailer with many options and a large floor plan may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Additional costs of financing the RV: But then it is not all. One has to decide about financing options. If you select to go with the expensive option, you may prefer to get financed, but that would also mean added costs.

Accrued expenses: Furthermore, you must recognize other costs involved, like local sales tax, insurance costs, annual maintenance costs, upgrade costs, and other hidden costs. Experience shows that sometimes these costs can be quite high. Thus if a person does not have enough of parking space, then rent for a parking spot can add up hugely to the costs of owning a travel trailer.

RV value depreciation: Finally, when buying an RV or travel trailer people often do not consider the selling costs, as at the time of purchasing that is the least relevant thing. However, statistics show that some people make the biggest loss while selling RV. Thus before buying consider depreciation, annual drop in the value of travel trailer that you are thinking to buy, and so on.

If all that sounds too confusing for you, and you do not want to own a travel trailer, one of the excellent options is just to rent a one. Since 2019, the trend of renting campers in general and travel trailer rental, in particular, is on the rise. The trend went down with the coronavirus outbreak but recovered after that.

Renting a travel trailer does make sense, as most people do not really travel that often. Some individuals may plan long vacations just once in a year.

Travel Trailer Rental As The Least Expensive Option

So if you do not plan to travel several times a year, which is, in fact, right for most people, far more economical could be merely a simple travel trailer rental. Renting saves many headaches, like where to park it after vacations, annual maintenance, and so on. All you got to do is just select a model that best fits your needs and your pocket size.

However, there are few things to know, like if someone says that the trailer is fit for ten people to sleep, it does not necessarily indicate that the trailer is comfortable and appropriate for your family needs.

Thus to start with, be specific with your needs. For planning purposes, better write down all the things that you would like to see in a trailer. A checklist created beforehand would make a choice easier.

Every decision has its pros and cons, so if you have decided to rent a trailer let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this option.

Travel Trailer Rental Pros And Cons

The Pros Of Travel Trailer Rental Options

No maintenance costs: First and foremost, you do not have to maintain the unit. Generally, rented trailers are well maintained by professionals, or by the owner at his own expense. Therefore, all you have to do is pay a daily rent, and forget about other problems.

Price plummets with units manufactured before 2012: I have noted that prices dropped notably for travel trailer rental units that were manufactured before 2012. If you are going to rent for one month or for a week a travel trailer, it will not be important that the RV has more than ten years. However, if you want a new RV, many manufacturers have models for rent, recently manufactured, in the hands of private owners as well.

Easy to detach from the towing vehicle: Moreover, the trailer can be detached from the main vehicle; it means that you can use your SUV or truck separately even while on vacations.  This is easier than with a fifth wheel. You can even give your vehicle for repairs and return to have a good night’s sleep in your trailer. There is no requirement to look for a hotel room. As already mentioned that though trailers are a bit compact, their biggest plus is that they can be separated from the primary vehicle. It means that there is no need for a taxi, renting a car, or other expenses while on vacation.

The engine is not embedded in the travel trailer. Trailers do not have an engine, as the engine is in the towing vehicle; it means less wear and tear, minimum risk of any kind of break down while on vacations. However, you may have more wear and tear in your own towing vehicle during the length of the travel trailer rental. No need to worry about old tires or engine leaks, and so on. Even if something breaks, it is cheap to get repaired. So you do not need to worry about huge bills. Experience shows that if the travel trailer rental is performed through a good dealer, then they would be well maintained and would rarely need any repair during the journey or vacations.

Analyze if this is your favorite type of RV: Through a travel trailer rental contract, you will understand if this is the type of RV that suits you the best.  After this, you can decide if you will buy one or not. I recommend that the length of the aforementioned travel trailer rental contract is not less than one week.

The Cons Of Travel Trailer Rental Options

More difficult to drive: Trailers are not so easy to drive, as you will need a certain degree of experience. Reversing a heavy trailer can be a big challenge in certain situations. So if you are caught up in cramped parking space, it may indeed take time to reverse or park the trailer correctly. Poor maneuverability is generally regarded as the biggest con of trailers since most people do not have enough experience in such kind of driving.

Setting the trailer and working with the hitch trailer: Another challenge is setting up the trailer in the right spot. One must plan carefully before parking it at any place; else one may have to deal with the annoyance of reversing the trailer, and so on.

You have to avoid double pulling: Finally, remember that the laws of some states do not allow double pulling. It means that you cannot attach a luggage cart or other additionals behind your trailer. If you have too many objects to haul, then better first learn about the laws of the various states and places you are planning to visit.

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Conclusions About The Advantages Of A Travel Trailer Rental

A travel trailer rental is better than going and buying one directly: Still unsure whether to buy or go for a travel trailer rental? Well, experts recommend that you should better rent a camper before you buy one.

Considering the complexities of purchasing a recreational vehicle, it is rarely possible to guess all your needs in advance. Moreover, there is no way to know if it is something you really need or not until you have it or you miss it while you are in the campsite. One way to know all this is just to rent a trailer of your choice, go on vacation, learn from the experience, and then make a decision of investing in a travel trailer. Knowing the things by reading and imagining is one thing, but experiencing the things in the real world is altogether a different thing. So here are the top reasons to go for a travel trailer rental before actually buying one.

So unless you have grown up in a travel trailer there is no way to understand your exact needs. It means that you may make a buying decision based on your imagination and end up spending on something that is not for you.

When you think about buying a travel trailer, an option like outdoor television may sound really attractive. However, after vacations, you may find that you never watched television outdoors. Thus, renting your dream travel trailer before buying one would help you to test various features, know what you need exactly, and what you do not need. Many such small fittings indeed add up to the cost of owning a travel trailer, and quite often people realize that they have spent money on owning something they never used.

Driving a travel trailer for the first time could be quite intimidating. There are so many things to learn about going on vacation with the travel trailer. In many cases, the person does not know whether it is something he or she would like to do at all or not. Some people are not made for camping or traveling in trailers. Thus instead of spending a considerable amount of money to learn that it is not something for you, better just decide yourself for a travel trailer rental, learn everything about it, and once you feel that it is for you, go forward with the buying decision.

Through a travel trailer rental, you can gain enough experience to become comfortable at not only driving, but also parking, and using the trailer, while on vacations. In fact, you would know by trial and error, what type of travel trailer is perfect for you. What to take with you and what not? What size travel trailer you can drive easily or park at places of your vacation.

Just imagine that after buying a travel trailer you realize that in fact you can only take long vacations once in a few years, or you realize that it is not something you enjoy at all. Likewise, you can consider that you are more into tiny RVs, Class C RVs, pop up campers, or simply you want to investigate the market and research more. Quite often buying a trailer is an emotional decision rather a practical. A travel trailer rental would save you from making a wrong emotional expense.

So whether you are a seasoned camper or amateur, a travel trailer rental is an engagement that seems to be the right option. It has minimum risk, gives firsthand experience, you learn a lot. If you still think that it fits your lifestyle, you can buy a travel trailer and enjoy long vacations with family or loved ones afterward.

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