13 Reasons To Buy An Aliner Camper

13 Reasons To Buy An Aliner Camper

Aliner camper models are the symbol of A-frame campers. Let me inform you in this article, why is this statement true in my opinion, and why, if you are into A-frame travel trailers, your first option has to be an Aliner camper.

In the 2019 and 2020 Aliner camper models, the interior has changed and now you have more options. Now some have a darker fabric instead of a more neutral color and a very light wood. These features provide it a very modern feel. You have still available the brown marbled textured tabletops and countertops as you had before the more recent 2020 models.

The 2019 Aliner camper model Ranger 10, is ten feet long and the recommended price is about $13,995

Let´s see now the reasons why I think that currently, an Aliner camper would be your best option in A-frame RVs.

Aliner Camper Reviews

  • One minute setup

Thirty second setup, claim Aliner camper fans in the forums and in the comments, but for me, it is one minute.

On average, you can set up and unfold an Aliner camper in thirty seconds to a maximum of one minute. It is simple, very easy and quick. There is no cranking, there are no support bars and there is no canvas. Pop up campers and hybrid camper owners will be surprised. Large Aliner camper models have a lift assistant, so it is very easy to pop up, unfold and lift. This assisted lift mechanism and the electric lift assistance for the larger Aliner camper models are very simple to use.

The manual process, as we said, can take just one minute. The entrance door, of course, is a two-piece door so that when you fold it down, this piece is folded too. The door unfolds with the rest of the trailer so it is not a separate piece to install each time you set up the Aliner camper.

  • Height

The first thing you will notice when you enter, an Aliner camper, is the height of the RV. You have about almost 8 feet up to the peak so for those of you who are very tall, this feels very open when you compare it with other small campers, with lightweight trailers, tiny RVs or teardrop campers.

Very different to a hybrid, a popup camper, or a teardrop camper, of course. The eight-foot ceiling height in the center and four walls all covered with windows gives the inside an open and comfortable feel. You can enjoy the scenery and the outdoors all from the inside of your Aliner camper.  There are expandable dormers for even more headroom.

  • Four seasons RV

Aliner camper models are meant to camp in all types of weather and with two air conditioning options, the 11,000 BTU cool cat or the 5000 BTU mounted AC. Likewise, an Aliner camper will also come with a high-powered three-speed reversible fan for amazing air circulation. We have an article with our best 4 seasons RV for you to check.

The Aliner camper (not sure if all models, but at least the larger Aliner camper models) also come with completely enclosed water tanks in the trailer so it will stay as warm as you with a powerful BTU furnace.

Now the AC unit of the Aliner camper, that is a 110-volt air conditioner. I am neither an HVAC technician or an electrician either. However, I think that this RV AC unit is more than acceptable. You will see the heat pump style and then you will see a standard air conditioner style.  Rooftop air conditioners are not feasible with the layout of an Aliner camper.

If you look under an Aliner camper you are going to see a very flat bottom, a clean underbody. You are not going to see an exposed water tank. The fact that the water tank is not exposed, improves its condition as a four seasons RV.

Aliner Scout models were manufactured with a built-in air conditioner instead of an exterior unit or outside unit. Because of this design, there are many spots suitable for air leaks. I did not have air leaks in the two weeks that I rented the RV.

  • Smart floorplan layout

Even in a mid-sized Aliner camper, the sofa and the dinette both make out to a bed in just a few simple steps. The sofa accommodates two adults comfortably and the dinette can accommodate two children or one adult.

Every Aliner camper model is different so you will need to find one that is right for you according to the size of your family. I like the Aliner Ascape model.

You have a kitchen sink and a two-burner cooktop underneath a very small refrigerator probably a two cubic foot.

The Aliner camper classic has a dinette on one end and the other end is going to be a sofa or a bed depending on how you lay it out. So the sofa can easily turn into a bed by removing easily the pole underneath the dinette table. Quite a smart floorplan design.

  • Easy towing

With the dry weight starting at only 1,200 pounds, you have a plethora of options for towing vehicles, An Aliner camper weight is anything from 1200 to 2400 pounds depending on the model and with the low profile and tongue weight, it will put you in the stress-free tow zone. This means that you can, generally speaking, tow an Aliner camper with vehicles that have a low towing capacity.

  • Easy storage

If you do not want to pay storage fees or garage fees no problem, nobody can blame you. So clean out your garage and roll right in your Aliner camper. They are really lightweight and can be maneuvered by hand into just the right spot.

  • Large windows and skylights

Now the one thing I really like about Aliners is the windows. There are nice skylights on both ends with the pleated shade coming up to cover them. They are located on both ends  and they add some headroom. It is a very strong Lexan window. It is not a glass material.

Aliner uses for the Aliner camper models, a resin instead of a glass, that is called Lexan. It is strong, transparent, temperature-resistant and easily formed, so it is commonly used in place of glass.

The sunlight may affect this Lexan surface, but we can just purchase an outstanding RV cover for a 15 foot by 7-foot pop-up or an a-frame style trailer.

I have seen many times what the exposure to sunlight does to wheels, rubber roofs, and so on. Therefore, to make your Aliner camper last longer, you should always have a cover on it. So when you are not RVing, you put the RV cover to avoid damage coming from the direct and continuous exposure to the sunlight. This advice is for any type of RV, and not only for an Aliner camper.

These aforementioned Lexan skylights are chemically bonded to the fiberglass roof with no screws or additional trim. Likewise, they are tough enough to resist a good beating.

  • Durability

They are built to last. The e-coated steel tubular frame is customized for each Aliner camper to give it maximum strength and corrosion resistance. The rubber torsion axles and 10-inch brakes control the bouncing sway for a smooth ride.

On an Aliner camper, below in the exterior, you will see a lot of diamond plates. I see this in many other travel trailers, but I like the way Aliner does it because there are no screws attaching the diamond plate platform. They eliminated the holes by vacuum bonding the entire structure.

aliner camper
  • Structural stability

A couple of things to think about is how the trailer is constructed. With Aliner you have got aluminum framing, the whole body is vacuum bonded. They did not just lay glue here and there. The structure is compressed vacuum bonded up. Components are chemically bonded and not glued.

The consequence is higher structural stability in the Aliner camper in comparison with other A-frame RVs.

Now, if we take a look at the front, we will see something different. If you look at a regular travel trailer, one of the big points is that the seams come together in the box, especially where the side meets the skirt, so there is always some type of capping there. Aliner instead, does an excellent job by making a very large oversized molding that is chemically bonded, and they put silicone in the outside making any water intrusion extremely difficult.

  • Flooring with Performax 500

The strength of the Performax X 500 flooring compound, plus the thermally-bonded water-resistant flooring keeps it from bowing or deteriorating with time. There is no oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood on this trailer. Take a look at the underbody and you will see it too.

  • Customer service

There are many Aliner camper reviews that consider customer service as excellent. I rented my travel trailer, so I did not have the opportunity to utilize and evaluate customer service. Please let me know in the comments if you have experienced the Aliner customer service.

  • Resistance to corrosion

What Aliner does with the structure of the Aliner camper is a one aluminum piece extrusion. The structure of the Aliner camper is not made of separate pieces that are later assembled together. No, instead, it is one piece and they have anodized it which oxidizes it and what that does, it creates protective filming over the aluminum surface which makes it impervious to corrosion provoked by rain and exposure to the weather.


“A-frame” campers are not for everyone. If you do not like small RVs or instead, you love tiny RVs, but only if they have a bathroom or a wet bath, probably an A-frame is not for you.

But if instead, you are into A-frames, then this will be your best option. For me, the height, the easy storage, and the simplicity for unfolding and setting up the RV are decisive factors. Before buying an A-frame camper, consider that these units do not have a proper bathroom, so evaluate if this can be an issue for you.

Anthony Foxx

I am Tony, an RV designer and RV developer. I create bill of materials for RV manufacturers for travel trailers and fifth wheels. I worked as a freelance transportation consultant for Lyft. As an RV development consultant, I create customization trees for RV manufacturers who want to offer a solution to prospective customers to design their custom RV with variant configuration. Apart from this, I sell in Indiana trailer hitches, hitch balls, goosenecks and weight distribution systems where I provide advice to customers who want to know which is their towing capacity, which hitch ball should they utilize and how to deploy a weight distribution system. I do my best to explain all these processes and their installation, here in RV Favorites.