10 Best Extreme Cold Weather RVs. Complete Study Of 4 Season Travel Trailer

10 Best 4 Season Travel Trailer

You want to enjoy your trailer also in winter. However, you are not interested in performing the entire process of winterizing your RV. You want an RV that is already designed and manufactured as a 4 season travel trailer. For this, you have these attributes to consider:

  • Insulation
  • Wall and general structure
  • Additional storage for winter clothes and food
  • Window Size
  • Venting and heating systems

So I decided to study which are the best all seasons RV available in the market and update it frequently: twice a year.

Some RVs are however already designed for driving in cold weather. These vehicles can easily brave temperatures below freezing, snowy conditions and icy winds. Whether your home is in a location with bitterly cold weather, or you simply want to travel in an RV in winter instead of keeping it stored, the 10 RVs discussed in this article are just the ticket to do so.

If you want a great RV for cold weather, it’s a good idea to first renting one to try it out when the temperature starts dropping sharply. If you like it, you can buy it afterward.

If you plan to rent, Outdoorsy is one of a number of good sites where you can find RVs or campers to rent in the area. We also have an article about all seasons RV rentals.

10   Keystone Montana


Although the luxury Montana fifth-wheel trailer has been around for already about twenty years, it still remains a huge revenue generator for Keystone that introduces always, updated versions of their all seasons RV units.

A Keystone technician tested the trailer by living in one for a year in LaGrange, Indiana. With outside temperatures often dropping below 0, the experiment was a resounding success with the Montana easily standing up to the horrible cold. I have not accessed the documents supporting that claim.

The Montana includes the following cold-beating features:

  • 15k BTU free-flow air conditioning
  • Dual thermostat with a remote sensor with 2nd A/C
  • Electric tank heaters
  • Heated exterior convenience center
  • Heated low point drains for city water
  • Insulated holding tanks and dump valves
  • Water lines in floors
  • Heated, enclosed and insulated underbelly
  • 35,000 BTU auto-ignition furnace
  • Heat duct system with foam core
  • Electric fireplace embedded
  • Fiberglass sidewalls with a double insulated layer (Equivalent to R-11)
  • Radiant technology insulated roof (Equivalent to R-38)
  • Insulated main floor (Equivalent to R-21)
  • Insulated slide-out floors (Equivalent to R-15)

There are not many options that beat the Keystone Montana RV for remaining warm inside while it is icy cold outside. This notable all seasons RV is made to withstand the cold and will keep both the driver and passengers content. The RV’s price might, however, put it outside the reach of new RV enthusiasts.

Many of our readers complained in the comments, that they could not access the website from the European Union. This affects customer service and also access to purchasing spare parts online.

Redhawk 26XD by Jayco

4 season travel trailer

The Redhawk 26XD by Jayco has warmth and beauty not often seen in RVs, especially with the newer models. These models come with five different floorplans to choose from. All of these are built on a Ford chassis and include a queen bed, a 13ft. awning, an 8 cubic-ft. refrigerator and linen closets.

If you are drawn to the beauty of taking a trip during the winter months, then you are bound to love the warmth and allure the Jayco Redhawk 26XD offers.

Particularly with the latest generation of this all seasons RV, as we said earlier, of the Redhawk you have five different floorplan options.

They are all equipped with the following amenities; a 13-foot awning, linen closets, a spacious master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a Ford Chassis and the refrigerator which is eight-cubic feet. If you are currently worried about space, there is no need, as it is very spacious. With the massive amount of space available, the following are the standard features for this all seasons RV:

  • Large linen closet
  • Large sink, upper shelving, kitchen countertop, and a microwave
  • Full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower
  • Television
  • 2-seater sofa
  • Queen sized bed
  • Roomy, built-in linen cabinets and other closets, so enough storage space.
  • Fully fitted kitchen, including countertops, upper shelves, large sink and microwaves
  • The living area comes with a sofa and has a lot of space
  • Complete bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink

You will also be able to stay warm during winter in this gorgeous RV with a 30-BTU furnace with auto-ignition, a 6-gallon water heater, and a 55-gallon fuel tank. As it can sleep eight passengers, you can hit the road whenever you want with family or friends.

Clearly, it offers some fantastic home comforts, but can you stay warm during the harsh winter weather with the Jayco Redhawk 26XD? The simple answer – yes. From the fuel tank (55-gallon), the water heater which holds six gallons of water as well as the auto-ignition furnace (30-BTU) you are guaranteed to feel warm and snug whenever you use this wonderful RV. Additionally, you can enjoy your winter road trip with a group of friends or your family as the Redhawk enough space for eight people.

The 26XD is virtually a small apartment, apart from an all seasons RV, and can easily be heated up to endure those chilly days. With a hefty price tag of around $100,000 for a new one, you may have settle for an old model, which will not necessarily have all the luxury features.


The Jayco Redhawk 26XD can be your winter home. This warm paradise is essentially a smaller version of an apartment, as we mentioned before, and it is more than capable of keeping you heated even in the cold temperatures. So really, it is difficult not to love this RV.


Now, really, all the amazing creature comforts, spacious layouts do unfortunately come at a cost. The new Jayco Redhawk 26XD models can cost up to $100,000! You can opt for an earlier model, and pick an older 2019 model, but they may not come with all of the luxury features. There is anyway an important used market for all Jayco products, as it is one of the most famous RV manufacturers.

8  Windjammer 3008W

4 season travel trailer

If you are a beginner that still has to get used to RV life, getting this all seasons RV is a good move. As a Windjammer 3008W has space for a maximum of 5 beds, a group of friends or your family can even join you.

The trailer is definitely not lightweight weighing in at 7,482lb., and a hitch weight of 897lb., but make sure you stay nice and warm. Due to its big size, it has ample space to include a 45-gallon freshwater tank, a 75-gallon gray water tank, as well as a 45-gallon black water tank.

Some additional features include an outdoor awning, gas grill connector, oven with microwave hookup, 44” dinette space, the main bedroom wardrobe, and two slides. The master bedroom has enough space to fit a 60×10 bed and also contains a collapsible table.

This trailer is worth using in winter due to the following features:

  • Holding tanks that are heated and controlled electronically
  • The whole trailer is insulated
  • Main bedroom area contains a heated mattress
  • Upgrades for thermo-pane windows
  • Upgrades for fireplace
  • Ventilation fan and vent cover
  • Floor-ducted furnace
  • Two sliders to separate the living quarters
  • Reasonably sized wardrobe in the master bedroom
  • A foldable table in the master room
  • The master bedroom can fit a bed which measures 60×10
  • Linen closet
  • Oven with microwave hookups, and a gas grill connector
  • 44-inch dinette space
  • Outdoor Awning

This trailer has many features, although its exterior is not much to look at. The Windjammer may, however, become a firm favorite if you love a camper trailer and like driving it during winter.

This all seasons RV, despite its advantages, is nevertheless very heavy and also lengthy, so you must be experienced to be able to move it around. You also have to consider the towing capacity of your vehicle and have a weight distribution system available.

If you are new to the camper and RV world, and you will go out also in winter, then an all seasons RV like this one, can be the ideal starter vehicle, and I am certain that the Windjammer 3008W will exceed your expectations. It is a great vehicle if you are traveling with friends or family as it has enough space for five beds.


When looking at the exterior, it may not seem like much. However, the Windjammer 3008W has a lot of beneficial features on the interior. Overall, if you enjoy driving during the winter months, or you are just fun of camper trailers, then it is possible that the Windjammer could be your all seasons RV of choice.

Its vast size is extremely beneficial due to the water tank holding a capacity, (black water tank holds 45 gallons; grey water tank holds 75 gallons, and the freshwater tank holds 45 gallons).


Although it offers all the comforts of home, it is a heavy and lengthy vehicle. So, you may find it difficult to maneuver if you are new to the cold-weather camper and RV lifestyle.

As you can imagine this trailer is not really lightweight, in fact, it has an 897-pound hitch weight, and its ship weight is 7,482-pounds. But, when considering the internal amenities and comforts, the large space and weight isn’t really an issue.

7   Arctic Wolf by Forest River

best insulated travel trailer

The Forest River Arctic Wolf has six floorplans to choose from, meeting the requirements of RV enthusiasts everywhere. The larger model has a hitch weight of 1,452lb., and a total weight of 10,000lb. The maximum width is 35 ft. and its maximum height is 11 ft.

This particular arctic package provided by Forest River in this all seasons RV model ticks all the boxes for many RV aficionados, especially with the six different floorplans options.

Currently, it is their largest RV model with a weight of over 10,000 pounds, including the heavy hitch weight which is 1,452 pounds. Generally, the maximum width and height of the Arctic Wolf collection are 35 foot wide and 11 foot high. Forest River offers two different packages, depending on the weather conditions on your trip, which is; the Arctic Package, or the Extreme Weather Package.

There are different features for the two winter packages available, the Package for Extreme Weather and the Arctic Package:

Package for Extreme Winter Weather

  • Air conditioning (ducted)
  • Heavy-duty arctic insulation
  • Underbelly is heated and enclosed
  • The insulation in the artic package will be upgraded and features a racetrack ducted AC unit
  • The upper decking is also insulated
  • A high functioning ceiling fan
  • The sidewalls of the RV have enhanced fiberglass
  • The furnace functions at a BTU level of 35,000

Arctic Package

  • Solar wiring
  • Windows for the upper bunk
  • Outside shower and outside TV bracket capabilities
  • A kitchen faucet that pulls out
  • Entry doors with friction hinges
  • Home entertainment system
  • Dinette drawers
  • Top-level bunk windows
  • Dinette draws, and the kitchen faucet can be pulled out

The Arctic Wolf is worth having with the package for extreme weather fitted. Irrespective of how icy it is outside, you’ll be comfortable and completely insulated. Due to the weight of this all seasons RV, new travel trailer drivers might find driving it challenging, especially when turning, parking, and making other tricky maneuvers.


It is Forest River, so if you are a reader of my website, you know already what companies like Forest River mean in terms of customer service and warranty, something you do not want to miss in an all seasons RV when you go out in winter with your family.

Forest River’s Arctic Wolf is a worthwhile investment for the avid winter driver owing to the expansive and inclusive artic features that are available. Particularly with the upgrades that are included in the Extreme Weather option. Regardless of how cold the weather may be on your trip, you can rest easy knowing that the Arctic Wolf will keep you warm, comfortable and very well insulated.


The RV is heavy in weight and large in size so it may not be the best choice for novice RV drivers, as it can be difficult to maneuver when it comes to parking and turning. This is a problem I found in all these all seasons RV models. it is not just the weight, but all the issues in terms of weight distribution systems, hitches and analysis of the towing capacity that comes included.

4 Season Travel Trailer By Lance

best rated cold weather rv

This all seasons RV by Lance is certified for cold and warm weather driving. The Lance RV is another brilliant option to consider for wintertime road trips and journeys. This particular RV is certified for both cold and warm weather driving, and it hones some fantastic season features, such as

Winter features are as follows:

  • Azdel insulation instead of wood. This insulation is made from a thermoplastic composite that prevents rot, mold, and mildew that often results from wood being exposed to wintry, wet conditions. This type of insulation also adds soundproofing. It features a better alternative than using wood with the Azdel range insulation. Wood is known to develop mold, mildew, and rot when exposed to cold and wet wintry conditions over time. Instead, the thermoplastic composite in this insulation prevents this from happening, and it also provides additional soundproofing.

  • The insulated hatch covers can be clipped on or off, depending on the outside temperature. The covers will prevent the cold from getting into the RV, keeping everyone inside warm and comfy. The hatch covers are insulated, and you can use as and when you need them, particularly when it’s cold outside. The main function of the insulated covers is to stop the cold air from entering your RV, to keep all the passengers warm and comfortable during a wintertime drive in the all seasons RV.

  • Double pane tinted windows are insulated and are also soundproof. The dual-pane tinted insulated windows are, yes, also soundproof, so you can have a quiet night’s sleep, or will not have to worry about the noise levels if you are traveling with friends.

  • The heating system is ducted and has holding tanks from which flow can be directed to each room to warm them equally. Lance manufactures its own ducted heating systems, so the hold tanks direct the flow across the entire RV, which means each room will be equally heated at a comfortable temperature.

  • The water heater bypass has been adapted to work in cold weather.

  • Lots of storage space that you can access from the outside or exterior part of the RV.

The Lance RV has enough insulation so that the cold is never a problem. The season package of the Lance 4 is also available for truck campers and toy trailers, providing ample versatility.


Owing to the fact the Lance 4 Season Travel Trailer is certified and designed for winter driving, it is very well insulated, so you will never have to worry about feeling the cold, bitter weather during your trip. Really, the soundproofing features are just an added bonus.

Please note that whereas Lance is not as famous as Jayco or Forest River, they are really specialized in all seasons RV models.

Additional storage space, useful in winter to store winter garments and heating and calefaction portable devices, in case you want to carry them.


When it comes to the Lance 4 Seasonal package, there are not any negatives I can mention, as it is versatile and can be used for various truck campers and toy trailers.

Bighorn by Heartland

all seasons RV

This is not the only Heartland RV on the list, as this manufacturer is known for its vehicles that can be used in any weather as all seasons RV. The Bighorn has 11 floorplans to choose from, so you are likely to get one that meets your requirements, irrespective of your space limitations or budget.

There are different Bighorn sizes available, with the largest weighing 14,000lb, with a hitch weight of about 3,000lb, and measuring nearly 45 ft. in length.

The majority of the floorplans offered with the Bighorn range, generally have the following winter comforts:

  • 42,000 BTU furnace
  • Heated, insulated underbelly
  • Insulated Aircon duct system in the roof
  • Insulation values:

  • R-11 wall
  • R-14 flooring on the upper deck
  • R-34 roofing
  • R-38 main flooring

  • Single piece below-floor heating duct
  • A high-quality furnace functions at a 42,000 BTU level
  • The below-floor has its own heating system
  • The roof has an internal air conditioning duct unit
  • The entire RV is fully insulated, one example is the R-38 flooring in the main living area which also has radiant insulation values
  • A water system from the Plumb-Plex range so it’s just like your bathroom in your home
  • Sleek interior and external design and layout
  • Plenty of storage space
  • A king-sized bed with a comfortable mattress made from memory foam.

The bathroom features water lines Plumb-PLEX, while the fiberglass walls, dark tinted windows and laminated flooring make the camper trailer look sleek. The bedroom has a built-in closet, king-size bed with memory foam mattress, ceiling lights in the bedroom, extra storage shelves, a headboard and a pull-out storage drawer.

Even if you have recently embarked on the RV lifestyle, you may already know that Heartland is viewed as being a leading manufacturer for all-weather type vehicles by RV enthusiasts. So, it has to be said that the Bighorn meets all the expectations.

The Heartland Bighorn is an all seasons RV and offers nearly twelve different floor plans to choose from, which is great! With the wide range of options available it is almost guaranteed that you will come across a Bighorn that is within your budget but can also provide you with everything you need while you are on the road.

The features mentioned are simply the beginning. Heartland puts an astounding level of craftsmanship and detail into all their all seasons RV products.


As mentioned earlier Heartland are renowned for their manufacturing that has a level of detail which is always high quality, owing to the exceptional craftsmanship. The wide variety of floor plans can be accommodated to meet the needs of any RV fan.


Honestly, RV lovers will be exceedingly happy with Heartland’s Bighorn range. I do not find any cons to mention currently.

4  327CKTS Eagle by Jayco

four season travel trailer

The Jayco 327CKTS Eagle is another great RV for cold weather. The newest models includes a TV chest, washer, and dryer, a walk-in closet complete with shelve, a 60”x80” queen bed and a 21-cubic foot fridge.

The 327CKTS Eagle is another fantastic all seasons RV model by Jayco brand. The latest models feature an array of home comforts and luxuries, including:

  • 60×80 queen-sized bed
  • A walk-in closet, with shelves
  • 21-cubic foot refrigerator
  • Laundry is taken care of as it comes with a dryer and washer
  • A cabinet for your television
  • 19-foot outdoor awning
  • A fully fitted bathroom, which includes a linen closet
  • Snug, L-shape, modern sofa in the living room
  • The kitchen hutch is fitted with two sinks

On top of all this, décor packages are available for the interior that will enable you to make the RV feel like home. Other optional features include:

  • A Dry Camping Package to add extra storage and LP capacity
  • Frameless safety glass windows with dual panes and tinted
  • A Tank-less Water Heater complete which digital thermostat
  • A Sani-con Turbo Waste Management System
  • 2nd power awning

If you want to include in your all seasons RV even more features than those listed above, Jayco offers various packages for the interior décor, and it this RV feel certainly feel like your second home.

Jayco’s all seasons RV options are well known and the luxurious additions to the latest models take living in a RV to a whole new level. If you decide on getting yourself an Eagle, you might get so relaxed you may not want to ever leave the road. Depending on how much you are prepared to pay, some of the features mentioned above may be excluded.


As you might have guessed, Jayco is widely recognized in the RV community for its luxurious all seasons RV options. Jayco is continuously adding luxurious features and amenities with every new model. The home comforts with the Eagle will make you reluctant to return home.

It comes complete with an L-shaped sofa and extra recliners, a kitchen including closet space and a second sink, steps, a full bathroom containing a toilet, shower, linen closet, and sink, and a 19-foot outdoor awning.


Luxury comes at a hefty price, and without being prepared to spend a large amount, namely quite a few thousand dollars on the latest Eagle range, then some of the features above are not always available.

LM Arlington by Heartland

4 season campers

The LM Arlington by Heartland comes complete with a Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package. This is a very popular arctic package available on the market and it is optional. So let´s see if it has advantages for us or it is just a well-envisaged sales pitch.

This particular RV, a leading all seasons RV, as we just said, offers the option of having the famous ‘Yeti Extreme’ winter weather package, which is arguably the most popular cold-weather artic package. Yes, the Yeti may be optional, but it certainly is not one you want to disregard if you will use your camper in winter. Additionally, the home comfort features that are available with this RV will ensure that it maintains its pristine shape regardless of how often it is used. A few of the basic features, although nothing is basic with the Heartland LM Arlington core package are:

  • Backlit tile backsplash
  • Lockable safe
  • High coffee table
  • Stainless-steel oven
  • Bedroom reading lights
  • Power tilt bed
  • Multi-plex lighting system
  • Soft tables
  • USB port, a surge protected invertor with (1,000-watt) and a converter (80-amp)
  • The 80-amp converter in addition to an inverter (1,000-watt), that has surge protectors
  • The options for additional fun extras like a dishwasher

Extra perks like Alumi-Guard awnings, a 40” exterior TV, a bathroom fan, dishwasher, and sliding room awnings can also be added.

This vehicle is not light weighing 15,170lb., a hitch weight of 3,100lb., and a carrying capacity of 2,780lb. The Arlington is 8ft. wide and more than 13ft. high.

With the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package included with this camper, it compares well with other travel trailers on the list of all seasons RV models.


It is definitely in the lead, especially with the option of the popular winter driving feature the Yeti Extreme when compared against the other RVs and campers I have mentioned. Moreover, it is quite rightly the best artic package currently available.

The weight: Unsure if this is an advantage or a disadvantage. The Heartland LM Arlington weight and capacity are; 15,170 pounds (dry weight), carrying capacity is 2,780 pounds and the hitching weight of 3,100 pounds. The LM Arlington is not exactly a lightweight or smaller option as it is thirteen feet high and eight-foot-wide.


Although the LM Arlington can have the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package, it does come at an additional cost, but it is a worthwhile feature if you will use your all seasons RV in winter.

2  Keystone Raptor: One Of The Best Insulated 4 Season Travel Trailer Models

4 season travel trailer

Keystone, like Jayco, is another brand that deserves two entries on this list with the Raptor, which is one of the top ten all seasons RV models. Apart from the normal features expected from the brand, including an arctic package, there are also various extras.

If you prefer camper trailers, the Keystone Raptor then one to definitely keep in mind. Keystone is another reputable, high-quality brand. We feature them in our directory of RV manufacturers.

The Raptor includes the well-known artic package along with some bonus features, like the eight different floorplan options. It is somewhat unique, the rooms are all the same, but each option has a different layout.

Regardless if you experience bitterly cold temperatures on your road trip, the zone-controlled MaxFlo A/C unit will certainly keep you snug and warm. The A/C units are definitely one of the most remarkable winter weather components that are available as they operate at a BTU level of 15,000.

The same rooms are available in the eight floorplans to select from for the Raptor. These include a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and also storage space, all arranged slightly differently.

The Keystone Raptor is an excellent choice from the Keystone camper trailer range. You will be able to spend lots of time driving around in the winter with reasonable heating features and many floorplans to choose from.


A very reliable option is the Raptor especially if you are ready to have more winter road trips, particularly because of the eight different floorplans and heating features to select.

As we explained briefly right above, one of the best features for cold weather is the 15,000 BTU air conditioner which is zone controlled.


The Keystone Raptor does not have any negatives, in fact, it is one of the most well-loved RV winter driving weather options.

Arctic Fox by Northwood: Best Rated 4 Season Travel Trailer

4 season travel trailer

The Northwood Arctic Fox is a beloved 4 season travel trailer because it has many features:

  • Full tub with a retractable shower screen and bath skylight
  • 12-volt and USB chargers in bedroom
  • Queen mattress and bedspread
  • Bedroom carpeting
  • Bedroom fan vents
  • Porcelain toilet
  • Microwave with range cover
  • Skylights with shades in the kitchen
  • 10-cubic ft., fridge with raised panels
  • Digital thermostat
  • Jackknife sofa and booth dinette
  • 19” LED TV includes a DVD/CD player and Bluetooth
  • Foam insulation throughout the vehicle.
  • Ceiling insulation equivalent to R-18
  • Detectors for smoke, liquid petroleum gas, and carbon monoxide
  • 15” aluminum wheels
  • Drawer glides with roller bearing

All of this means you will live in luxury while traveling. Additional extras are also available, including solar panels, rearview cameras, holding tank heat pads, generators, bathroom and kitchen fan vents, thermal pane windows and an aluminum main awning.

Northwood is a well-known brand for RVs made for cold weather, and the Arctic Fox all seasons RV does not skimp on luxury features. Your comfort is guaranteed and you may never want to leave the road.

Luxury features do however cost more, and you will have to haul out a whack of money, even for older models before 2020.


I would like to conclude by highlighting that not all types of RVs are intended to be used for the icy roads of our open country. Generally, the majority of RVs need to be equipped with a specific winter weather component, commonly known as an artic feature or package so that you have an extreme cold weather RV also know as 4 season travel trailer.

This specific winter feature is necessary to ensure all the passengers are comfortable in this type of weather. An arctic package includes insulation and other various heating features. However, some RV models are specifically designed for driving in cold weather conditions. These 4 season travel trailer RVs can handle weather such as icy winds and snow, and even temperatures below freezing.

Winter seems to be coming upon us faster every year. One day, we have beautiful hot days with summer temperatures, and the next we are dunked into winter with windows freezing up, and frosty breath as we huddle in thick clothing and wonder how it happened so fast.

As explained, if you plan on using an RV this winter, be aware that not all RVs are meant for use in icy weather. To be used in winter most RVs need an add-on arctic package. This means it has to have heating elements and insulation to make sure the passengers and driver are cozy and comfortable, even when the wind around you is icy.

I am sure that you will have your own reasons for wanting a 4 season travel trailer or also called all seasons RV. It could be because you are living in an area that frequently experiences bitter cold temperatures, or perhaps you just enjoy driving during the winters.

If you are thinking of purchasing a cold-weather vehicle, whether it is a camper or an RV, and you have not driven one before, I do recommend hiring one before committing to a purchase. A good website to use for campers and RVs rental is Outdoorsy.

Anthony Foxx

I am Tony, an RV designer and RV developer. I create bill of materials for RV manufacturers for travel trailers and fifth wheels. I worked as a freelance transportation consultant for Lyft. As an RV development consultant, I create customization trees for RV manufacturers who want to offer a solution to prospective customers to design their custom RV with variant configuration. Apart from this, I sell in Indiana trailer hitches, hitch balls, goosenecks and weight distribution systems where I provide advice to customers who want to know which is their towing capacity, which hitch ball should they utilize and how to deploy a weight distribution system. I do my best to explain all these processes and their installation, here in RV Favorites.