2022 RV Manufacturers Complete Guide

The Definitive Guide To All The RV ManufacturersMost Complete Free Listing

With an update about every semester, this is the most complete online free listing of RV manufacturers, whose recreational vehicles are approved for the United States roads by the Department of Transportation.

I created this listing after struggling always to get my hands on a resource like this. There were RV manufacturers lists, but that included also foreign companies so I had to segregate the results. Other listings included companies that are not active in the RV manufacturers market. Therefore I have to filter them manually.

rv manufacturers

So, here below is the list of RV manufacturers whose vehicles are approved by this federal agency, the Department of Transport, for circulation in the roads of the United States of America.

How can this huge listing help you? RV manufacturers are listed alphabetically; they need to be headquartered and incorporated in the United States and have the approval of the Department of Transport.

For this reason, German brand Dethleff is not present in this list despite having local offices in our country. For this reason, also, Retro Tourer, manufacturer of retro campers, is absent. Retro Tourer does not have representation in the United States and is not authorized by the Department of Transport despite its increasing presence in the European Union. I have also included some of the most common models with each of the RV manufacturers listed.

class a rv manufacturers

Class A (Large Motorhomes) RV Manufacturers

This class represents the large motorhomes, that look “like a bus”, and is the largest type of recreational vehicles with an embedded engine. Apart from “class A RV”, they are called motorhomes or coaches.

They are suitable for a large family and for people who have selected to live permanently in an RV. The number of people who have chosen full-time RVing is increasing every year in the United States.

Most of these models, as we said, with embedded engines, are powered with diesel.

American Coach

Typical Models: The Tradition, The Dream, The Allegiance, The Eagle, The Heritage, and The Revolution.

This is a notable entry in our RV manufacturers list, that has more value for resale of their used coaches. These models are not only used by RV fans, but actually you will see them used by movie productions, actors from movies, complete organizations dedicated to sports activities, and musicians who travel using one of these large motorhomes.

Their models are based in a specific chassis denominated “Liberty”. One of the first options if you are looking for RV manufacturers, and not only due to their position in this alphabetical list.


Selected Models from Coachman are: Pursuit, Mirada Select, Mirada, Cross Country SRS, and Cross Country

Coachman has manufactured about half a million RVs in fifty years of history they have. This company, Coachman was founded by three brothers and later incorporated other investments. They started manufacturing parts of trucks as an initial activity and source of income and nowadays they are one of the major RV manufacturers in our listings.

Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC

Selected brand from this company: Terra Wind

This RV model is something never seen. The Terra Wind is an amphibious recreational vehicle and practically a home of your own in the water if this is what you love. Therefore you can have a houseboat or a classical RV with the Terra Wind. An unusual entry in our RV manufacturers roster.

Custom Coach

The model most representative for Custom Coach: Mauck Two

Thanks to its diesel engine, it has an excellent fuel efficiency performance, of course, superior to the engines that are conventionally powered by gas. Its structure provides the users with improved handling in comparison to other recreational vehicles in the class A RV segment. With a truck chassis from Mercedes Benz Sprinter, it is a hybrid RV partly class A and partly class B RV combining the best of both worlds.

Entegra Coach

Entegra Coach most important models: The Cornerstone, Inspire, the Anthem, Reatta, and Insignia

Part of the Jayco group, many of their parts is built by hand. They are easy to handle in the road and comments from users mention that they are also very silent. Unlike other models, they have three years of road support service and additionally a warranty of two years.

Our readers have detected several problems in some Entegra motor homes (class A RVs) mainly between 2014 and 2017, located in the steering and in the steps. When we reviewed the Reatta XL in 2021, we found out that these Entegra problems disappeared.

Fleetwood RV

Their most representative gasoline models are Bounder Classic, Southwind, and Bounder.

The diesel engine most important models are: Excursion, Discovery, Expedition and Fleetwood Pace Arrow

As with Entegra, you will find with Fleetwood RV of a very long and extensive structural warranty of three years. This company, Fleetwood RV is probably one of the RV manufacturers that offers the largest variety between models that are powered by gasoline, and models powered by diesel engines.

It is part of the REV RV conglomerate, along with American Coach. However, I find in Fleetwood longer warranty periods and more variety of models.

Forest River RVs

Their most distinctive gasoline models are: The Georgetown Three XL and GT3, and also the FR3

Regarding their diesel models we distinguish: The Legacy SR340, The Charleston, and the two Berkshire XL and XLT

With less than thirty years in the market, founded in 1996, this is one of the RV manufacturers who have options available for different categories of buyers and RV fans. From sporadic users to full-time RVers, this company has an option for each of these customers.

It is one of the few RV manufacturers that are featured by us in a single article. It has the strongest organizations that encompass RV owners of a single brand. The name of this group of owners is called FROG and features currently more than 39,000 members, and it is in continuous growth.

Foretravel Motorcoach

Models of Foretravel Motorcoach:  Realm FS6 and Foretravel ih-45.

Furnished with innovative pieces of equipment such as a fire suppression system for the engine and a very necessary collision avoidance system. It is considered one of the best RV manufacturers when we refer to modern internal equipment.

Structural stability is guaranteed with a chassis made of a single hull, a feature called monocoque. Most of the process for the manufacturing is bespoke and artisan, this company was founded in 1966.

Hemphill Brothers Coaches

Model of Hemphill Brothers: Hemphill Brothers H3 45 with variations

Stars from TV and Hollywood have for their teams large class A RVs: we see them in documentaries and movies. Usually, it is a Hemphill Brothers motorhome as for Taylor Swift.

Like other RV manufacturers, produces motorhomes on a make-to-order basis, but they also offer you RV rental services and provide you a chauffeur if required. Their models go up to four hundred thousand dollars, but there are some motorhomes also for less than 100 K. This luxurious coach manufacturer is in the market since 1979.

RV manufacturers


Jayco has models in many RV classes, but for this class, we include their models: Jayco Precept and Jayco Allente.

Jayco was included in our RV manufacturers list since we started to issue it. However, they were listed as mostly a pop up campers manufacturer. Since 2019 edition, we included them in our listing also for this category. They are using their decades of experience to build motorhomes.

These Jayco models, as usual with them have a very good layout and a smart deployment of their floorplan, featuring queen size beds and multiple cabinets to make use of the space available.

Liberty Coach

Liberty Coach models: Class A RVs are bespoke and make-to-order Prevost coaches for Elegant Lady. Also, model Liberty Lady, is class A RV.

The same as we have seen for Hemphill Brothers, they use coaches manufactured by Prevost for a Prevost conversion. Their models have a Volvo engine, that despite its higher price, it is considered secure and durable. They manufacture class A RVs since the seventies.

Liberty Coach utilizes coaches from Prevost and customizes them completely according to your specifications. Despite these options, all brandish a diesel engine from Volvo. The manufacturing of custom coaches started fifty years ago: this is one of the oldest RV manufacturers. However, the conversion of motorhomes from Prevost vehicles started in 1978.

rv manufacturers


Monaco Coach

Models are: Monaco Signature and Monaco Marquis

This is another luxury make, that was purchased by the automotive REV concern, one of the strongest RV manufacturers, and unlike other competitors, has only two models. However, they offer you on their website, the chance to customize completely your desired model, and know the price immediately. Therefore, the customization variations are really huge.

In all cases of customization, however, you start from one of their two models. The engines are diesel from Cummins and the chassis is Roadmaster.

Newell Coaches

Model: p50

A complete luxury for the road with models starting from almost two million dollars. They have one model only: the p50, however, they offer a plethora of customization options. They have many details from Porsche Design: several RV manufacturers in the European Union include them as well. They also have electronic steering, which is a must-have in a motorhome of this type.


Their Models with diesel engine are Ventana LE, the King Aire, the Ventana, The Dutch Air, the Essex, London Aire, and Mountain Aire,

Their gasoline based models are Bay Star Sport, The Canyon Star, and The Bay Star,

Newmar was the first company to include the slide outs in their large motorhomes. They have been manufacturing recreational vehicles for more than fifty years, but large motorhomes since the eighties.

buy rv direct from manufacturer


The Diesel engine models from Nexus are: Evoque and Bentley

Their gasoline model is: Maybach

For their diesel engine models, normally they utilize a Freightliner chassis, whereas, for the vehicle line powered by gasoline an engine V-10 is furnished together with a chassis of a Ford F-53. Their sales system is more a direct approach instead of having dealers and other sales partners.

They have, as many class A RV manufacturers, a base floorplan wherein you can opt for different bespoke individual customizations.

rv manufacturers

Rexhall Industries

For Rexhall models, their most important are: Vision, RoseAir, American Clippers, Aerbus, and finally RexAir

Rexhall was founded in the early nineties. In this decade they grew notably. They were known by furnishing a slide room that was located on the sides of the motorhome and could increment the available floorplan in about a rough twenty percent. Nowadays, there are other class A RV manufacturers that include this feature as well.

Thor Motor Coach

Their diesel models are Aria, Palazzo, Tuscany, and also taken from Italian regions, the Venetian, and Tuscany XTE diesel.

Thor Motor Gasoline Models are notably: The Vegas, A.C.E., the Windsport, the Outlaw,  the Challenger, Hurricane, and finally Miramar,

rv manufacturers

Despite having different models, it is possible that you customize on their website your RV. First, you choose your base model, for example, the Thor Challenger, then you choose the exterior among several options. After this, you will select your floorplan within a few options and then the layout of that floorplan.

rv manufacturers

In 2011 Thor merged with FourWinds and with Damon Motor Coach. In our last intake of information from their products, they also offer technical service twenty-four hours a day: check with them if this service is still available for the customers: support like this can justify the purchase of a class A RV with Thor. Below in the comments, a user mentions that this is his favorite company of all our RV manufacturers’ directory.

Tiffin Motorhomes

From the class A RV models, we have: Pheaton, Zephyr, and the Allegro line that has the Allegro, the Allegro Red, and includes the Allegro Breeze, and finally the Allegro Bus,

Tiffin manufactures only class C and Class A RVs, and a good inclusion in our RV manufacturers list. Tiffin started in 1971 and they affirm to have sold about sixty-five thousand recreational vehicles. Recently, they created the Tiffin Allegro Club that is growing at an incredible pace.


This company has several models in the Diesel category and gasoline engine. The “Winnies” are the most famous RVs and Winnebago can be considered among the most famous RV manufacturers. Winnebago has also a very strong presence in Europe. Winnebago was founded in the fifties, and since then, has been one of the most innovative companies.

Winnebago also acquired several key suppliers, for example, sawmill dedicated to woodworking, manufacturers of aluminum sheets, and now Winnebago also manufactures their own chassis in-house. Therefore, they have moved from having different suppliers of raw materials to in-house procurement. This offers them less flexibility in terms of procurement, but more accuracy in the manufacturing forecast planning.

class b rv manufacturers

Class B RV Manufacturers

These type of RVs favorite of millennials, young entrepreneurs, rock climbers, centennials, and fans of the lifestyle movement called #vanlife.

They are suitable for singles and couples without children. From the outside, they look like a normal van so they can be parked anywhere. If James Bond would be an RV fan like us, he would use a class B RV.

Now, we can go below the listing of class B RV manufacturers. I started to include since 2019 some of these RV manufacturers dedicated to conversion vans, which are bespoke aftermarket modifications to meet recreational, business or industrial requirements.

Advanced RV

Advanced RV models are: Stewie, CruzMobile, Peanut, Kinder, and also Maggie Mae

As many of the class B RV manufacturers do, Advanced RV also builds their RVs based on the light truck chassis from Mercedes Benz Sprinter model, married with a Diesel engine.

They offer many customization options on their website, but all are based in the aforementioned Sprinter and Diesel Engine coupling.

class b rv manufacturers


The Airstream models in this class are Interstate Lounge EXT, Interstate Grand Tour EXT, the Atlas, and the Interstate Nineteen.

Airsteam is very famous for its travel trailers, that we depict in several articles related to retro campers and small travel trailers with a bathroom. Apart from these famous travel trailers characterized by their signature aluminum presence, they also manufacture class B RVs

Airstream is proud to combine the power of two brands: iconic Airstream and Mercedes Benz. In fact, Airstream is one of the class B RVs manufacturers that utilize a chassis Mercedes 3500.

Note that Airstream does not manufacture pop up campers, but is manufacturing currently teardrop campers.

American Custom Vehicles

The models of American Custom Vehicles are Executive Series, ExecuCruise class B, and the Diamond model.

American Custom vehicles follow the recreational vehicle pattern of utilizing a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis for their class B RVs, a model used by the majority of class B RV manufacturers in the United States and also in the European Union. You have several customization options, but all of them have the same engine and chassis.


Diesel Models: Platinum 2 and Arriva on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis,

Gasoline Models: Ford Transit 3500 on the Platinum 3, and the Platinum on the Ford E-450 Super Duty Chassis.

With Coach House, you have the option of a Ford Transit 3500 chassis, a Ford E-450 and the usual option of a chassis based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Coach House has a distinctive three-year warranty, which is probably the largest warranty in the class B RV segment. And also allows you to customize the chassis and the engine power, whereas their competitors do not go so far and limit the customization options to the floorplan, furniture, and amenities.


Models: Mini Sized Conversion, Westy Conversion, Mid Sized, Weekender Conversion

As an exception in this listing, this is one of the RV manufacturers that work on conversion models, so they will convert a van in a good looking class B RV. For this flexible business model, they would work with Mercedes and Ford transit chassis.

They have some models that will fit in a standard garage, like the ones based on Ford Transit, Mercedes Metris, and Chevy Express chassis.


Their models are: Serenity, Free Spirit, Libero (really a class C RV), Free Spirit SS, Unity, and Wonder

They have also a model in the class C RV category (Libero), but they are actually one of the luxury class B RV manufacturers. Their models are supported by chassis of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 line, and you have plenty of options to customize the exterior and the interior of the class B RV. All these customizations options include the Mercedes Benz chassis.

This company was originally from Canada but it moved its manufacturing completely to the United States.

Phoenix USA RV

Models mostly are based on Ford E 350 and E 450 chassis (gasoline models) and Mercedes Benz Sprinter (Diesel Models). Our readers from the European Union complained in the comments in the social network and in this article, that their website could not be accessed.

Also, there were no sales to international customers in Canada and in the European Union. Unlike other RV manufacturers’ sites, I noticed that it was easy to customize an RV but I could not see pictures of the options I was customizing, so not a good user experience either.


This is one of the RV manufacturers that work pretty much on a make-to-order basis and the entire manufacturing lifecycle can encompass about seven weeks until the recreational vehicle is ready for the customer. Unlike their competitors, other leading RV manufacturers, they claim that their RVs are not built on an assembly line, but handcrafted after the sales order.

The company claims to be the number one selling recreational vehicles of the class B RVs in Canada. We could not find evidence of this, however, I have not performed thorough research.


Mercedes Sprinter chassis is used for Diesel models whereas Dodge Ram 3500 chassis is for the gasoline-based models

This is one of the RV manufacturers that centers all their models in Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Ram Promaster and Chevrolet Express. The company has about forty years in the market.

Like several competitors in the class B RV space, it offers several customization options for their models. Roadtek is known for the E-Trek, an Rv that was favorable to the environment when this eco-friendship was not common in RV manufacturers at all.


Sportsmobile is a company that works on make-to-order production. You will choose the kind of appliances and components of the bathroom. You select the sleeping arrangements, layout, and floorplan and first of all, the base of the chassis.

You will start selecting the chassis model where as usual, you have the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Chevrolet vans, Dodge Ram and other Ford chassis. Therefore the chassis option is limited, but after this, there are plenty of customization options with Sportsmobile.

They started in 1960 with the conversion of Volkswagen microbus vans into recreational vehicles.

The RV Factory

They are not dedicated to class B RVs anymore, so we moved their listing to the fifth wheel RV class where they now belong. They are not working with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis that was suitable for the class B RV vans. Currently, they work with toy haulers and fifth wheels.


rv manufacturers

Class C RV Manufacturers

Class C RVs differentiate from the other RV classes in the fact that they have a compartment called alcove, for sleeping. It is located over the cabin of the driver. This cabin is normally adequate for a child. However, some new models fit adults well in the cabin.


A manufacturer with different models founded in 1969. Eagle Cup and Adventurer are the two brands encompassed by this company. They dedicate currently only to class B RVs in Ford chassis.


Part of the Forest River group and one of the most famous RV manufacturers. They have layouts and floorplans recognized as very spacious and well-furnished interiors. They allow customization options, but always starting from typical chassis like Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit and Chevrolet Chassis for their class C RVs.

As many of the RV manufacturers of this listing, they have diesel and gas units available in their portfolio. Have no problem finding the perfect motorhome to suit your style.

Cowboy Cadillac

Here you will pick the model that you want. This one of our several conversion RV manufacturers, that can transform a chassis that you bring into a fully converted RV. Completely make-to-order production.

They have a presence, through representatives in about thirteen countries and they also export their units. A good option for our readers in the European Union who write in the comments to complain about the lack of good conversion RV manufacturers there.

Dynamax Corp

Dynamax Corp or simply Dynamax is now a Forest River company. The particular aspect of Dynamax is that their class C RVs are all built in a chassis of a semi-truck. They have many slideouts with queen-sized beds in the small versions of recreational vehicles, and kingsized beds for their larger counterparts.

These are call hybrids. They have a floorplan identified with a class A RV motorhome but the bunk over the driver cabin, also called alcove, that properly resembles a class C RV.

Earth Roamer RV

Among all the RV manufacturers, EarthRoamer is the only listing in this directory that dedicates exclusively to rugged recreational vehicles of class C. Their customers are fulltime RVers and also fans of expeditions.

Apart from the aforementioned rugged vehicles, they differentiate from other RV manufacturers due to the large solar panel that their models have in the roof, and larger capacities to contain freshwater. Therefore, these recreational vehicles from EarthRoamer are preferred by those who like to practice RV living off the grid.

Fleetwood RV

This company belongs to the REV group now. They differentiate from other brands by having complete large bathrooms that also include showers.

As their class C RV models have slideouts that are very useful to have more space, it is like being in a home of your own. Their chassis are from Ford, as we typically see in this RV category.

Gulf Stream Coach

They manufacture almost all categories of recreational vehicles, including a category named “destination trailers” that you should see on their website. Also utilizing a Ford chassis. Large beds and more space with their slideouts.

Their Conquest model has probably the largest alcove area above the cabin of the driver I have ever seen.

class c rv manufacturers

Haulmark MotorCoach

Only for an ambitious class C RV aficionado. These are actually semi-trucks that are later subject to a conversion process. They share features of a large class A RV motorhomes when we consider the large floorplan available, complete bathrooms and kingsized beds available. They also include slides, triple and quadruple slides.

Holiday Rambler

They belong also to the REV Group as many of the RV manufacturers in our directory. Prodigy is the name of their class C RV model that is now on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. Most of their models are class A motorhomes, but the Prodigy is their class C RV and worth a look on their website.

In the cab-over bunk, also called alcove, it has a queen-size bed, that is almost queen size and would anyway fit an adult. At the back of the prodigy, there is a queen-size bed.

Host Campers

They are from Oregon, as a good percentage of our readers. This company manufactures exclusively class C RVs. They distinguish from competitors in having very large cabin-over spaces also known as an alcove.

They have the possibility of custom building your class C RV in short or long bed trucks. But unlike other RV manufacturers, you have to write them to request information about the customization options, instead of mocking up your own RV on their website.

Host Campers is a good option for a couple with a teenager, as the space over the driver cabin is very large, unlike other class C RVs we know.

IWS Motor Coaches

Impressive electronic awning and a very decent floorplan. Their models are actually motorcoaches that have the patterns of a class C RV but a floorplan that can be set up in a huge class A motorhome.

Check their website to cast a glance at their models. One of the most praised by comments in RV forums is their Renegade model.


Jayco is one of the most important RV manufacturers and has RV models in all categories except class B RV. We already described some of their tiny RVs in our list of small campers with bathrooms.

The Seneca model is actually almost a class A RV because of its floorplan, expandable super sofa, large dinette,  television cabinet, and kingsized bed. Nevertheless, it keeps the spirit of the class C RV thanks to the cabin over bunk that distinguishes this RV category.

If you require a more compact class C RV, I would check in their website the Melbourne model, which is supported by a Mercedes Benz 3500 Springer.

Renegade RV Motor Coaches

It belongs to the RV Group and specializes in motor coaches that we can identify into the class C RV category. They affirm that they are rebels in the RV industry as they do not follow the motor coaches’ construction standards, what I imagine they relate to the design of the recreational vehicle and not to the quality standards.

What I find is that they do follow industry standards in terms of quality control but they have their particular design that is breaking the molds of the RV manufacturers´design standards.

Their spacious class C RV is based on Freightliner units and have many customization options. The kitchens of these Renegade models are among the largest I have seen.


The models of this company are very simple: Twenty Four feet, Twenty Seven feet, and the largest called Thirty-One feet.

All their models are manufactured with a Ford F450 chassis powered by gasoline. They are one of the most niche RV manufacturers in our directory, quite a small company. Their class C RV models do not have any slide, but nevertheless, you should visit their website as Lazy Daze has the cheapest models in this category.


Ghost and Wraith are the class C RV models from Nexus. This is one of the RV manufacturers that features very large class C RVs that are hybrid between class A and class C RVs.

Even if you can design a model by yourself on their website, you have a twenty-five feet standard model with a queen-size bed. The largest has a bunk bed and a dual slide and is thirty-two feet long.

PowerHouse Coaches

These recreational vehicles from Power House are motor coaches. Motorcoaches are like a category of its own, that I am reluctant to consider them into our class C RV manufacturers listing. For historical reasons, as this article is the update of my previous listing, I include them in the class C RVs.

Notably, the use also Volvo chassis, which is very frequent in the European Union but not so much in our country. Apart from the Volvo, also you will see the classical Freightliner chassis present. With Power House, it is possible to have a wheelchair entrance as one of the options. With other RV manufacturers, you have to request this feature as part of a custom build arrangement.

Show Hauler

Showhauler manufactures completely on a make to order basis from any kind of semi-truck chassis. They have several builds per year and you have to arrange with them contractually how your particular motor coach will be built.

They also use Volvo chassis and these motor coaches are an intermediate configuration between the massive floorplan of a class A RV with the design and alcove of the class C RV.

Thor MotorCoach

Unlike some niche RV manufacturers that I am visiting in this directory, this is one of the most famous and important actors in the recreational vehicle market. Their class C RV models go from twenty-three feet to almost thirty-seven feet.

Class C RVs from Thor are very classical and I see that their latest modes are gearing towards Ford chassis and leaving Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis units.


Winnebago is the most famous of all the RV manufacturers. They have presence in all the RV categories and the class C is not an exception.

The Vita model is the smallest in this class. Winnebago keeps classy with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis and does not need to differentiate from their competitors.

Now the Winnies come also in motorcoach format: the floorplan of a large motorhome with the structure of the class C RV: the model called Cambria is an example of this. However, it is not much more expensive than the smaller class C RVs. I recommend you to visit their website and see it by yourself.

Xplorer Motor Homes

Another niche company, and in comparison, one of smallest RV manufacturers. They have some simple models with no slides: this is compensated by a lower price.

Despite this simplicity, their RVs look solid, and the chassis options are within the industry standards, with the Ford F550 or F-250. Contrary to some of their competitors, they have a queen-size bed in a very spacious alcove (module over the cabin of the driver). Also, they have some features that you can add to the final product. Their website looks very simple but the company has about forty years in the RV market.


Fifth Wheel RV Manufacturers

Fifth wheels are great because they are large, sometimes almost like a class A RV with kingsized beds and impressive kitchens. They are trailers that have four wheels and the “fifth wheel” is the towing vehicle. This vehicle will be a huge vehicle with a superb towing capacity attached with a gooseneck hitch to this tow vehicle that is embedded in its bed.

rv manufacturers


Alpine is an asset property of KeystoneRV. They have large beautiful fifth wheels models and all the warranties behind Keystone. It is one of the largest RV manufacturers in the United States.

Our readers from the European Union wrote us that they could not access the Keystone website to purchase spare parts and said it was blocked for them.


Another company to add to our list of niche RV manufacturers. They include solar panels in their recreational vehicles for those with enthusiasm in boondocking and living off the grid.

Models are mostly make-to-order. They are creating a store called RVAccessories that in our last update was not yet ready. Likewise, they are creating a towing school called Russ Towing School. I hope we can have more details about this project soon.


A small company from San Diego that has a few models. Unluckily, it was not easy to find updated pictures on their website or prices or customization options. There is a feature that distinguishes this brand among other fifth wheel RV manufacturers and it is the massive 35 foot RV with three walk-in bedroom spaces.


As our readers already know, Coachmen is a Forest River RV company and this division is leading in the fifth wheel segment. Forest River has a dedicated article on our site and is one of the largest RV manufacturers. Coachmen RV is also one of the few RV manufacturers that has a portfolio of models in all the RV classes.

To improve the rigidity of the structure of the recreational vehicles, something especially important in travel trailers, Coachmen is using composite sidewall panels manufactured by Azdel. I am trying to receive more information from the manufacturer, to know if all models will be utilizing this component from Azdel or only some selected travel trailers.


Coleman is part of Dutchmen that is now part of Keystone RV recreational vehicle concern, such as Alpine, for example.

However, I noticed that despite these acquisitions, Coachmen could preserve some attributes that clearly differentiate them from their competitors. These fifth wheels have a homelike feeling that not many RV manufacturers can reproduce. They have residential furniture specially modified to be embedded in the fifth wheel and cabinets made with hardwood, coming from dicot trees. This hardwood offers also a homelike touch, in my opinion, and also has a different density than the most common softwoods normally utilized.

Crossroads Recreational Vehicles

One of the most notable aspects in Crossroads that I have not seen in other RV manufacturers is a tool in their site to compare different models. For example, once inside the fifth wheel category, you can compare the Cameo model with the Volante. This comparison has a high level of detail as it allows you to compare the capacity of the freshwater and wastewater tanks.

DRV Luxury Suites RV

The same as Newmar represents luxury in class A RVs, this is the luxury when applied to fifth wheels.

They clearly differentiate from any other company, as they have toy haulers included in their standard models, such as the Fullhouse. I am not aware of other companies that combine luxury with the extra space that the toy hauler may provide you. Excellent for large families that practice sports and require to carry their sports equipment.


In the past, they were RV manufacturers for the Trilogy series in the fifth wheel space. Currently, in our last update, this Forest River company is not dedicated to this category anymore and they turned into motor coaches. We are covering Dynamax in this listing above, where they belong.


This company finished operations in 2016. In July 2016 they closed their doors. Flooring and welders were the last to leave during June. Today, many years later, we do not have further information.

Forest River

This company is one of the top five RV manufacturers and is the company with the largest variety of fifth wheel models. Currently, in our last update, they have a roster of twenty-six models available. If you consider the numerous variations available for each model, you have more than a hundred product variants to choose from

Cedar Creek model, that includes a fireplace in its notable floorplan has won several distinctions from magazines and RV publications.

Forks RV

Many RV manufacturers have closed since we started to publish our listings. When we published our first edition in 2013, Forks had about fifty employees.

They closed in April 2017. They mentioned that the cause was the downturn suffered by the American oil field business. This affected them as a good part of their business was the construction of non-permanent offices for this business workstream.

Heartland RV

Heartland brandishes three types of RVs: travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. They are one of the most innovative RV manufacturers. For example, they created a compartment present in their fifth wheels called the Universal Docking (UDC) where all hookups are set up in one single dock station. You can see similar docking stations in some other RVs, but only in very luxurious models.

Highland Ridge RV

They acquired the Open Range RV business and incorporated to their product portfolio the Open Range fifth wheels. For Highland Ridge, the most notorious company feature is the way they treat the underbody. This treatment, I find it completely unique. Their tanks are suspended in the underbody, meaning that they are not mounted either to the bottom nor mounted to the top because they consider that they want to have good airflow around their tanks in order to keep them warm.

And behind the last tank is where they install that thermal barrier they are always talking about. They do not heat the full length of the underbelly but only the portion where the suspended tanks are located. Then they return that air back up into the fifth wheel (and applies also for travel trailers). This concept of design is something that is really exclusive to the Open Range lineup of fifth wheels and travel trailers.

Another key attribute that I notice in these fifth wheels is what they call the “spun weld. With this methodology, they take and spin all of the fittings really fast and weld them into the tanks. This creates a perfect seal that is never going to leak.

Highland Ridge started (in 2019 or probably earlier) to test all their units and have them “zero degree rated”. Now, first they test the actual inside of the unit and it has to maintain 70 degrees for a certain period of time but the key about this underbody and what is really important is most of the other RV manufacturers, when they test their units, they can only maintain a 50-degree temperature of over a five-hour period of time.

That is fine, but Highland Ridge claims that they are able to achieve at zero degrees. Therefore, they affirm that they are able to maintain 62 degrees in the underbody for the same five hour period of time. They proudly consider that the way that they heat and enclose their holding tanks truly has revolutionized the travel trailer and 5th wheel market.


They have five models of fifth wheel. Jayco is one of the most famous RV manufacturers and has one of the most notable fifth wheel RV that is the Pinnacle.

The Pinnacle´s  interior is open and elegant. These Jayco wide-body fifth wheels feature impressive entertainment centers coupled with soft leatherette. They include theater seats complete with LED lighting power recline heat and massage the cherry wood cabinetry. Their models come packed with  stainless steel appliances and a walk-in residential style. Showers put the final touches on this spectacular interior.

Pinnacle’s exterior features a one-piece rear fiberglass cap and a powerful blend of high-end components that make pulling a luxury 5th wheel a breeze.  The industry-exclusive 5-star handling package features standard American-made Goodyear tires dexter axle’s and heavy-duty shackles a more ride pin box and a more ride rubberized suspension.

Furthermore, the Pinnacle also brandishes abundant exterior storage capacity featuring an all-encompassing easy-to-use docking station. Pinnacle is the flagship product of Jayco in fifth wheels.

K-Z Fifth Wheels

KZ was growing from being one of the niche RV manufacturers to lead the fifth wheel space. They have more than five models, and I consider that the Durango is their flagship model in this fifth wheel RV class.

So Durango, the Durango product family to be more precise, was created with the experienced RVer in mind. This unit is available in over 15-floor plans ranging in dimensions to meet your specific needs. Plus this RV is backed by K Z’s two-year warranty which is twice that of most competitors because usually, we see a year warranty, so you would not need an extended warranty with KZ.

The Durango now provides, since the 2019 line, in my opinion, a number of brand new features. Safety comes first with the Durango every model. It includes Dexter never adjust brakes which automatically adjust during travel and the easy lube axles keep maintenance hassle-free.

Below the bus style slam latch baggage, doors keep your belongings safe and drive while creating more living space for their customers. Inside the Durango, they feature an enclosed underbelly as an added measure of protection from the elements. The security light and tinted safety glass windows also add to the privacy of their customer.

The Durango’s designer interior makes comfort it’s a priority in this value-packed fifth wheel.  Make it your own with customization options, by choosing styles that meet your decorative tastes. Furthermore, you can now enjoy the inviting appearance of crown molding throughout this model. The living room includes available theater seating and a 39 inch LED TV in addition to its full-featured appliances. The pristine kitchen includes a designer backsplash above the sink which also boasts a pulldown faucet. The cook in the family (who can be?) will enjoy the easy to clean yet stylish solid surface countertop offering plenty of storage options.

The kitchen cabinets exhibit tasteful styling with their glazed and raised door panels. You will find likewise, efficient storage areas below the oven and refrigerator in the dining area. The four-person dinette features beautiful pendant light to illuminate the spacious table.

The Durango boasts a 12-gallon water heater, as well as a 48-inch residential shower. This unit is also plumbed for washer and dryer hookup. The bedroom includes a comfortable innerspring mattress and designer padded headboard. This RV is sure to make you feel at home with its professionally designed layout and color palettes in each area of this exceptional fifth wheel.

Like many of other RV manufacturers, K-Z includes also for their fifth wheels, pure residential furniture. Its residential furniture surrounds you and your guests with comfort in addition to all these attractive offerings the Durango. These fifth wheels provide many more standard features as well as other ways to customize it into your dream RV.

New Horizons RV

New Horizons does not have many different models, just a few with several customization options. Their most important model is for me the Majestic. I went to a dealer to enter in one of these models.

We are talking about a 41-foot model. It feature a very large kitchen residential refrigerator,  and very spacious living area. One of the customization options, is to be available with rustic cherry cabinetry with country French painted cabinetry accents. Stepping up into the bathroom and bedroom area,  the first thing you’ll notice hopefully, is a very large shower. It is a 36 by 48-inch onyx collection shower, that features a seat shower caddy for putting soap.

Likewise, I have found in that model a large vanity with lots of storage. And then, stepping into the master bedroom featuring two slides, you will feel very at home with the amount of space that two slides offer you.

Rounding out the bathroom area, there is a full washer and dryer. This stacked combination is te washer down below and the dryer above. For the washing machine, you can simply allocate a fiberglass drip pan so if there are any leaks, the liquid is moving outside the unit through a hose instead of ruining the cabinetry as a consequence of frequent deposits of water.

Northwood Manufacturing

Northwood RV is one of RV manufacturers with only a handful of RV models. The Fox Mountain and the Arctic Fox are the two fifth wheels. So I visited an actual model to see the inside.

The Arctic Fox 28 is the one visited. As soon as you enter the recreational vehicle, there is a very large handle, a nice sturdy four steps entrance.

In this standard floorplan, there is an L shaped dinette large table two recliners here with storage space in the middle and all facing the entertainment system. This is not a very common layout. They have storage all the way around the top large fridge and also a very large nice and deep freezer. There is a fireplace also down on the bottom.

On an island in the middle of the floorplan, they boast a very large dual sink setup big enough for all your pots and pans. There is a garbage can be embedded near the kitchen and then a very large pantry and many drawers. I like to see lots of drawers and cabinets.

Regarding the restroom, it has a nice sized walk-in shower full bathroom set up here and a vanity and then also a very nice magnifying mirror, that I am not sure if it comes with the standard delivery.

There is a lot of space available around the bed with storage on both sides and a very large closet and then a very large amount of storage underneath the bed. Northwood signature is the “storage capacity”.In the exterior, we can find a very large amount of basement storage and then around the front again a very large availability of storage capacity. In the other side of the exterior of this Northwood fifth wheel, there are the water controls , winterize valve, water heater bypass, and an outdoor shower.

Also in the exterior, and in the back of this fifth wheel, you have your rooftop access with an embedded ladder, a very sturdy roof they claim on their website. But I did not go up to check their roof.

On the outside, there are dual pane windows. This is because these fifth wheel models are specifically designed to be able to take on extreme elements during winter.

Pacific Coachworks

They started business in 2005 and I like their fifth wheels that have also toy haulers, so they combine these features to create a powerful identity.

They have power awning, generator, air conditioning, and fueling station fully loaded. They have the diamond plate front rock shield, all fiberglass sidewalls, 4.0 kW generator. It comes in 24 27 and 30 sizes. Fueling station door also diamond plated, stabilizer jacks, overhead bunk, exterior lights.

The sofas fold down into beds on both sides of the fifth wheel. The RVs have a large kitchen with microwave, double door refrigerator, and stove.

The nice thing about these Pacific fifth-wheel RVs is on the models over the 27 and the 30 is they have their own private bedroom with walk-around queen bed and very large  bathrooms. The RVs are wide enough for any of your four-seat razors from the wall to the appliance.


This company started manufacturing recreational vehicles in 1967. Some years ago, it was acquired by Forest River RV. The reasons for this operation were to strengthen their presence in the high-end fifth wheel market. Therefore you have luxurious fifth-wheel recreational vehicles plus all the warranties that normally are offered by companies of the Forest River concern.

Their best model, in my opinion is Columbus or Columbus By Palomino. If we sit in the lounge there is a fireplace equipped with six brightness settings. As far as entertainment goes 42-inch flat-screen high-definition television created by HiSense equipped with a Sony DVD player, pop up storage for VHS and DVDs, a feature still seen until the 2019 models, but the cabinet modified later on.

The kitchen is large, making good use of an intelligent floorplan design. There is an island in the kitchen, very easy to slide away, a deluxe class 12 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator along with a full freezer.

The kitchen has four burners, a full stove, double shelf, microwave, double sink and a lot of space for your pots and pans. There are a few drawers for cooking utensils.

Upstairs, the bathroom with a walk-in shower with a nice ventilation, toilet, sink, plus cabinet space for all your medications and lavatory amenities.

The master suite voluptuous king-size bed but fit for only the finest of the travelers. A place to store your clothes is easy to find. The standard has two sets of drawers. In the sleeping premises or sleeping quarters, there is another television, this time a 32-inch flat-screen TV.

There is a large closet, on fact, it is a lovely walk-in closet all your spacious needs, and it includes closet shoe racks. there is a lot of space to hang the shirts in a way that it prevents wrinkles.

Recreation By Design

Terry Heiser from Recreation By Design, was recently in Elkhart, Indiana presenting new models in an open house weekend to some hardcore RVers and dealers. The fact with Recreation by Design is that they actually are pure a make-to-order company.

One of the things that they have done for almost 35 years now, is that they have built only what the customers need instead of what they think the customer needs. They have created a lot of unique floorplans based on those requirements and needs from their customers.For example, they have a basic floorplan and they change this floorplan to make it unique according to the customer requirements.

Each room of the fifth wheel has its own presence instead of being one big grouped room, from a standardized floorplan.As we saw that many RV manufacturers do not have dealers, Recreation By Design is instead, a dealer oriented manufacturing group.

They work with dealers all throughout the United States and in fact, their products are mostly marketed through dealers only.

Along with their fifth wheels, they are becoming stronger in the manufacturing of destination trailers which will have again the “livability factor” they want to reproduce from their fifth wheel product approach. They do not want a fifth wheel that looks like a travel trailer, but one that looks like a house.

The RV Factory

They have the Weekend Warrior. This is, in my opinion, their flagship product and it has tremendous capabilities. On the front, in the exterior, there is a wraparound construction that gives a great look.

Furthermore, not only the looks, but it is clearly built for longevity to last a long time: there is no plastic there. So which is their selling point? It is their construction philosophy, that starts with a vacuum Vaughn laminated sidewall and then they couple that with an all-steel vacuum bond laminated floor so it is a great structure to start with. I cannot recall now other RV manufacturers that vacuum by laminate floor. Great structural features. They consider that people have these RVs to keep them for a long time.

They know that people have their 5th wheels, their toy haulers and they affirm that they know that not everybody uses in the same way so they offer lots of ways to bespoke the units in the factory. They are absolutely factory direct. The customer has advanced customization options and can obtain exactly what they need.

As an example of their construction philosophies, they say, for example, they have the Weekend Warrior: this is a twenty-four thousand pound GVWR: in this RV, the hitch, the frame, and the axles are rated for twenty-four thousand pounds so you talk about carrying capacity this has it and the customer will have everything outside and inside.


Company based in Hemet, closed operations in May 2012. One of our several RV manufacturers that have finished operations. They sold their facilities to a company called KPL Scaffold. These buildings in Hemet, were later purchased by Forest River in 2015.


Spacecraft RV is one of those niche RV manufacturers, that rely upon their distinction in this competitive market in all the customization options they offer. They have emphasis on customer service as well.

You will receive a true one-on-one experience. Once they finalize your floor plan, they can then move into the interior design process where your options are truly limitless. The prospective customers have multiple options on materials and color choices for wall coverings, flooring, cabinetry, tile backsplashes, countertops bathroom fixtures and truly any finishing inside that you can think of. This approach and distinction also extend outside with their full-body paint jobs. They can even match the exterior of your fifth wheel to your truck or towing vehicle to make a more fluid design.

Their ultimate intention is to bring the best to their customers, so they reinforced a lot the customer service part. They align and communicate constantly with their customers and consult them throughout the process of production. This customer service orientation is what I found most important here.

Starcraft RV

Starcraft belongs now to the Jayco group, so you can easily notice what does this mean in terms of warranty and customer service. They started building metal tanks for farm, and the manufacturing of recreational vehicles is now one of their key areas. This is one of the RV manufacturers specialized in a couple of classes, like fifth wheels and travel trailers.

For fifth wheels, their flagship model is for me the Telluride. In the Telluride, you will notice right away in this floorplan, how open and spacious it is. Dual opposing slides here which really opens up the rear living area and allows for a kitchen island. Distinctive for the Telluride is the ceiling and what we can notice at a glance are the wood strips.

They have introduced in the Telluride some feature that you will find in the expensive high-end fifth wheels without being the Telluride priced as a luxury 5th wheel model.

Travel Units

This is one of the RV manufacturers I cannot recommend. Their website does not have floorplans that you can navigate. The pictures are very poor. There is no contact form. Overall, not a good experience. They claim to have customization options but no possibility to start online navigating through these options at all. We include you the link to their website anyway as with all the RV manufacturers in our listing.


Anthony Foxx

I am Tony, an RV designer and RV developer. I create bill of materials for RV manufacturers for travel trailers and fifth wheels. I worked as a freelance transportation consultant for Lyft. As an RV development consultant, I create customization trees for RV manufacturers who want to offer a solution to prospective customers to design their custom RV with variant configuration. Apart from this, I sell in Indiana trailer hitches, hitch balls, goosenecks and weight distribution systems where I provide advice to customers who want to know which is their towing capacity, which hitch ball should they utilize and how to deploy a weight distribution system. I do my best to explain all these processes and their installation, here in RV Favorites.