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Airstream (1) is a famous American manufacturer (4) of recreational vehicles and hotel chain (2) identified for its signature metallic chassis (5) and its quality inspection processes (3). The company is an RV bestseller in America (6) and is also present in many other countries (7). An Airstream with slide out (11) has a segment that extends beyond the footprint of the vehicle thus increasing the available floorplan (10) and the living quarters thereof (9) (8).

The current Airstream with slide out is the Atlas Touring Coach, a class B RV built off from a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500, whose slide out allows to pull a queen-size Murphy bed.

Airstream with slide out is the Airstream Classic Limited 30’/34’ Slide-Out travel trailer, the 1997 Airstream Integrity, the Airstream Safari Slide-Out 28’, and the class B RV Atlas Touring Coach. Currently only the latter is still manufactured.

A slide out panel on the driver’s side of the Atlas allows for a slightly roomier interior when the vehicle is parked overnight.

Airstream has cleverly hidden a Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall of the pop-out panel, turning the Atlas’s living room into a roomy sleeping suite for two.

With the bed stowed, a comfy couch provides a perfect space to relax and watch television; guests can relax in the driver’s or passenger’s seat, since both swivel around toward the living space and even provide attached footrests.

The couch will convert into a Murphy bed. At the left end of the couch there is a button that we should push, which causes the sofa to flatten out.

After this, we just pull the Murphy bed down and it is completed.

The Murphy bed is a queen-size bed once displayed properly. You can sleep in either direction, but if you are tall, you will sleep parallel to the wall, and have the television on your left.

Pressing the button to open the slide out, converts the sofa into a Murphy bed, extending the available footprint of the RV.

With the slideout extended, the power sofa can be pulled down into a large Murphy bed with a Froli® Ergonomic Bed Support System. Shelves and reading lights are easy to access from the bed as well as USB charging ports.

A powered slide-out transforms the lounge space into a Murphy suite. Extend the slide-out, lower the power sofa into its flat position, and pull down the Murphy bed.

Mercedes-Benz’s new Sprinter 3500 is the donor chassis, but Airstream has luxed up the interior with all the trappings of a modern, upscale home. The updated Atlas rides atop the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis, which was all-new for 2019 and features more modern styling, an upgraded 10.3-inch infotainment display with Mercedes’s new MBUX interface, an air suspension, and a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V-6.

Airstream With Slide Out Previous Models

  • Airstream Classic Limited 30’/34’ Slide-Out Travel Trailer
  • 1997 Airstream Integrity, a 5th wheel RV.
  • Airstream Safari Slide-Out 28’ Travel Trailer

Current Airstream With Slide Out: The Atlas Touring Coach

Airstream’s classic silver bodywork, borrowed from the brand’s iconic camper trailers, pairs well with the Sprinter’s more aerodynamically shaped nose. Together, they make the Atlas look far classier than rival motorhomes that often rely on bold graphics to add texture to their boxy appearances. Inside, the Atlas does its best to replicate a modern luxury home, with a hideaway flat-screen TV, a residential-style kitchenette, cedar-lined closets, and a full-size bathroom with a large walk-in shower.

In this picture, we can see the Murphy suite entended and the slideout in the Airstream. Atlas Touring Coach is the name of this Airstream with slide out. Picture via AutoAspekt, Germany.

Their latest touring coach, inspired by the popular Airstream Interstate series, is just 24 feet long with state-of-the-art features including a residential-style bathroom that spans the entire rear of the motorhome, as well as a power slide-out to make things even more roomy and comfortable.

The Atlas packs a surprising amount of essential and luxury features into a compact space. A full 73-inch Murphy Suite folds into the wall when not in use. There’s a three-piece bathroom with Kohler fixtures and a swanky kitchen that’s probably better than the one in your apartment. The hideaway, 40-inch smart TV disappears into the countertop at the push of a button; centralized touchscreen panels provide ready access to the lighting, entertainment, and climate control systems; and a Bluetooth-enabled Samsung Soundbar with built-in woofers pumps out high-end audio.

The coach comes equipped with an Onan 3.2kw diesel generator for quiet and efficient power when you don’t have 30-amp hookups available. It also comes outfitted with a 300-watt solar power system in addition to two 12-volt deep-cycle AGM batteries and a 1,000-watt pure sine inverter.

The list of other legitimately useful features is just as long, including a tankless water heater to ensure unlimited, instant-on hot water; apart from the aforementioned quiet 3.2kw diesel generator; a power sunroof with sunshade; and standard solar panels to provide all the electricity we will require to power these high-tech features.

Airstream partnered with Mercedes-Benz to incorporate some of the car maker’s most revolutionary tech into the Atlas’ inner workings. Every coach includes a solid list of standard safety features like collision prevention assist, multiple exterior cameras, lane-keeping assist, and Load-Adaptive ESP, and Air Ride Suspension systems for an ultra-smooth ride. Plus, a boatload of airbags is at the ready in case your road trip gets a little too exciting. The entire affair is powered by Mercedes’ 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine to balance power and fuel economy.

The rear of the Atlas features Airstream’s exclusive Air Ride Suspension, which adjusts itself to bumps in the road, changes in elevation, and changes in wind resistance, to give you a smoother ride while driving. Rear and side-view cameras come included as well as a range of additional built-in safety features.

The slideout is not the only impressive power-controlled feature on the new Atlas. It also sports an armless power awning that automatically retracts when it detects windy weather. The coach has automatic steps as well, which extend and retract when you open and close the cabin door.

Did Airstream ever make a camper with a slide out?

Yes, Airstream manufactured the Airstream Safari Slide-Out 28’ Travel Trailer, and the Airstream Classic Limited 30’/34’ Slide-Out Travel Trailer, and the class B RV Atlas Touring Coach that is currently released with a new model every year.

It also manufactured the 1997 Airstream Integrity, but this RV was a fifth wheel from AIrstream and we would not classify it as a camper.

With this button located in the left side of the sofa, the slide out is activated enabling a Murphy bed to be displayed.

Does Airstream make a model with a slide out ?

Yes, currently the Airstream with slide out is the Atlas Touring Coach that is a class B RV built off from a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis.

Does Airstream make a trailer with a slide out ?

No, currently Airstream does not make a trailer with a slide out, but a camper. It is a class B RV named the Atlas Touring coach, it is the only Airstream with slide out, and it is manufactured on top of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis.

Installing Wood Laminate Floor In Airstream With Slide Out

Installing wood laminate floor in Airstream with slide out requires to consider adding trim to the laminate flooring in order to cover expansion gaps and display a smooth floor transition.

Remove the floating floors in the Airstream with slide out and keep each row separate and in order, that way once we have the underlayment in place, we can go down the line and replace the flooring that had already been cut to size. It should not take long since there is normally a floating floor so the pieces snap together and actually are not glued down.

After the removal of the floor, you have to pick the underlayment. The main concern is normally the 4 wheel wells that cause the last row of flooring to be un-level.

The screws from the wheel wells come up a standard about an 8th of an inch which means that we will require a piece of underlayment that is at least that size.

In the Airstream with slide out, we can decide on the 1/4 inch OSB (oriented strand board), but it is feasible to select a thicker or a thinner option or some sort of plywood depending on your situation.

Now, cut the underlayment. It is important to measure the sizes you will need before you go to the store, that way you will at the very least have a plan as to how you will cut it to fit. Especially in the case of installing a wood Laminate floor in an Airstream with slide out, always measure and mark where all the wheel wells are located.

Paint the underside of the slide out of the Airstream.

After this, we can finally install the flooring in the slide out. This last step would be quite easy because all of the flooring was already cut to size if you have followed properly our advice in the paragraphs above.

Finally, we should be adding trim to the flooring, trim for laminate. Floor trims and moldings are very long, thin strips of material (usually wood) that have been shaped to fit at the end of our flooring. They cover expansion gaps, and help with the floor transition smoothly from one type of flooring to another, and protect your Airstream walls as we do regular sweeping and cleaning in the RV.

In order to finish the edge of the Airstream with slide out, we may want to consider adding trim to the slide-out using Flush Mount Stair Nose Moulding (also known as Bullnose Stair Molding), or an overlap reducer.

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