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Reviews of the 7 Best Roof Sealant Products

  • 1. Dicor 501LSW-1 Lap Sealant
  • 2. EternaBond RoofSeal Sealant Tape
  • 3. Proguard F99911 1-Gallon Liquid Roof Sealant
  • 4. Geocel 28100V ProFlex Flexible Roof Sealant Tube
  • 5. ToughGrade Self-leveling  Roof Lap Sealant
  • 6. Proguard Liquid Roof 4-Gallon  Roof Sealant
  • 7. Geocel 24200  Roof Sealant

There are in the market more than twenty roof sealant products available for sealing a rooftop. However, I will just recommend the ones that I have used and that I could see the effects during a period of more than six months.

Those entered this list of best roof sealant items are the ones applied on a surface for at least six months. Likewise, in the list, there are from simple adhesive tape sealants to tubes and larger buckets.

1. Dicor 501LSW-1 Lap Sealant  

You will come across lots of trailers and RV owners who take the help of Dicor for the purpose of sealing the vent pipes, edges of their roofs, air vents, and other devices located in the rooftop of their RVs.

Being a premium quality self-leveling sealant you can always expect Dicor 501LSW-1 to provide you with a nice as well as clean seal each and every time. Despite the fact that this offer is actually intended for the white shade only, the Dicor lap sealants have been color-matched and this will enable you to select from a wide range of available shades out there.

It is going to provide good adherence to various types of materials, and very tightly, which includes TPO, EPDM, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, mortar, vinyl, and so on. It is very simple to make use of this particular sealant and it has the ability to skin over within only 5 minutes after application.

Furthermore, this product will become water-resistant within 4 hours, plus it gets 80% cured within 2 days only.   However, it is imperative to wait for as many as 30 days in case you would like to get it 100% cured.

You will get this particular offer only for the 8-oz tube which is not bad for any minor repair. However, for sealing the entire RV you might require as many as 10 tubes which will, of course, depend on your particular surface coverage requirements.


a. It is compatible with all types of materials which include aluminum.

b. Intended for 3/8″ as well as 1/4″ beads.

c. Watertight seals can be created by self-leveling sealant.

d. Obtainable in lots of shades.

e. UV has been stabilized to reduce any deterioration.


a. Being self-leveling, the product is not able to function vertically

b. Might lead to irritation in the nose, skin, and eyes. However, I did not suffer this symptom when I utilized it.

2. EternaBond RoofSeal Sealant Tape 

You will often require just a simple tape for sealing any leakage in the RV rooftop and this particular product from EternaBond will not disappoint you in any way at all. Moreover, it is likewise extremely effective and flexible stuff having the ability to stretch up to as much as 700% according to the manufacturer. I did not have the opportunity to experience this feature during the utilization of the product.

This roof sealant tape can be used for different types of rooftops which include TPO, EPDM, concrete, wood, metals, and so on. The most significant feature of this sealant tape is its ability of specialized backing which is extremely UV stable and has the reputation of lasting for as many as 19 years even if it is exposed fully to sunlight.

Also, in this case, this is a claim from the manufacturer. In my case, I have used it for more than eight months and currently no issues despite the exposure of the treated substrate to direct sunlight.

This roof sealant product is obtainable in 2-inch, 6-inch, as well as 4-inch widths. Every single product has a length of 50 feet although this particular offer is only meant for those having a width of 4 inches. There is no doubt about the fact that it is a fantastic tape, and although it is somewhat costly, it is definitely worth the extra price if your requirements are satisfied with an adhesive tape.


a. Has the ability to seal any rip or tear very easily on the roof.

b. Is compatible with every type of roofing material ranging from aluminum to wood

c. Also functions on any pond liner and land-fill

d. It is as much as 700% elastic in nature which ensures complete flexibility in all types of conditions

e. Ii is UV stable and has the ability to survive up to as many as 19 years under full exposure to sunlight.


a. It is somewhat expensive, but consider that it is not a simple duct tape.

3. Pro Guard F 99911 One Gallon Liquid Roof Sealant  

In case that you require a roof sealant intended for your home, motorhome, travel trailers, campers, RV in general, and specialized in EPDM rooftops, this particular product will live up to the expectations.

However, this product variant contains one gallon. This will be adequate to cover approximately 41 to 47 ft. of your total roof area.  This roof sealant product can be easily applied to different types of substrates (the manufacturer recommends it for EPDM) which include aluminum, wood, EPDM, and so forth.

Apart from being UV resistant, this product is an effective ozone-resistant material too. All these factors will assure you of having an extended service life as well as protection.  One notable aspect of this material is that it is going to become water-resistant immediately after you apply it and will not become impaired by any type of inclement weather condition or even by freezing.

On top of this, the material is going to retain its flexible nature for a considerable period of time, will be able to withstand properly against water, is not going to chalk or shrink over time, and the manufacturer will also provide you with a lucrative warranty for as many as 5 years.


a. One quart will be able to cover as much as ten ft, whereas one 1 gallon will be able to cover as much as 47 ft considering several factors.

b. It is not at all difficult to apply this liquid to the EPDM rubber and the process is almost similar to that of applying paint.

c. The manufacturer will provide you with a warranty for five years


a. It takes more time until solidification. Dries slower.

4. Geocel 28100 V Pro Flex Flexible Tube

The most notable feature regarding this popular sealing tube is the fact that it is very easy to apply this material and one will also not find any problem while handling it. So it is very suitable for beginners.

Apart from this, the components utilized in this roof sealant are not at all stringing which makes it very simple to apply the material and in case you do make an error, you will not find it difficult to perform a quick cleaning.

The product is intended to be applied in diverse substrates, different types of materials including fiberglass, vinyl, wood, glass, aluminum, and so forth. On top of this, the sealant has a good level of adherence to these aforementioned substrates out there. This consideration includes even surfaces affected by humidity and moisture. After more than six months of having it, it did not crack at all once it became cured.

The manufacturer has made this product available in various types of colors which consist of black, white, clear, almond, and so forth.  It will be possible to paint the sealant after it is applied.

Likewise, this material can also be applied over any previous application which is going to hold properly for a long time to come. No negative effects after doing this.

Once this roof sealant becomes cured, this is going to become UV resistant as well as mildew resistant.


a. The product is going to last for a long time and is resistant to cracks as well

b. It is possible to apply the material on any previous application

c. Simple application of the product, even for those users that are not experienced in sealing or coating.

d. It is mildew as well as UV resistant

e. Most effective rooftop caulking product, for fast and instantaneous fixes


a. This roof sealant is not appropriate for TPO, EPDM, as well as any portable water installation.

5. Tough Grade Self Leveling Sealant  

It is very difficult to beat this fantastic offer from a reputable company like ToughGrade.The company not only provides this material at a reasonable price, but this innovative package of four units is also appropriate for executing a comprehensive resealing of your recreational vehicle.

The product is 100% UV stabilized which will help to minimize any type of decoloration or deterioration. Furthermore, as it comes in a tube, it is not difficult to apply it along the edges of the roofs, screw heads, ventilation pipes, and so forth.

Each one of the four units, of these four tubes, features a volume of 10.3 oz which is appropriate for usage on all types of building materials including concrete and aluminum.


a. The offer is valid for four pieces of 10.3 oz tubes

b. It has the ability to quickly and also easily seal the edges of the roofs as well as around the vents

c. The product is 100% UV stabilized which allows it to have an extended lifespan

d. The product is self-leveling, which allows a smooth and easy application

e. The manufacturer offers the product at a reasonable and attractive rate as compared to most of the other similar products on the market.


a. This product is only obtainable in white shade. This will not be a problem anyway for the majority of users.

6. Proguard Liquid Roof 4-Gallon RV Roof Sealant  

This product is being offered by the same company, Proguard, which has manufactured the 1-Gallon Liquid Roof Sealant item described also in our review in detail. However, the main point of difference between these 2 products lies with the size of both item variants.

Here, you will be purchasing the astounding 4-gallon offer and the product is going to weigh more than 40 pounds.  This roof sealant is a genuine material which is EPDM rubber-based and has been marketed particularly for RVs, but despite this marketing effort, it can be applied also in boats. This product offering will provide you with up to 168 square feet cover area of 20-mil dry film.

You will not face any problem while applying the material. The 4-gallon container features additional space on its top for the catalyst with which it is marketed. This catalyst is usually pre-mixed which will allow you to simply pour in the stuff and start working without any need for an additional container whatsoever. 

One more significant advantage provided by this offer is the fact that you’ll be able to save some cash unlike what you would have saved while purchasing the 1-gallon size. Apart from this, the company also provides us with a warranty for as many as 5 years.


a. It provides us with as many as 4 gallons of sealant for as much as 168 ft.

b. The company provides a warranty for as many as 5 years.

c. The package provides the customer everything required to get started

d. It is an appropriate roof sealer for a total and effective reseal.

e. Will help to save, because the marginal price is lower buying four gallons


a. The weight of the product is more than 40 pounds. This may influence the costs of transportation.

b. It is only available in one particular color that is white. Suitable for the majority of people anyway.

7. Geocel 24200 RV Roof Sealant  

This product is amongst the most well-known roof sealants out there and one significant feature regarding this cutting-edge sealant is the fact that it provides us with a feature that is not present in the majority of the offers on this particular list. The product has been fibered for providing strength and it is strong enough to endure sporadic and frequent foot traffic.

The manufacturer has designed the product for use with various types of materials including sheet metal, wood, steel, vinyl, and any other similar material out there. Apart from this, there is no need for applying any primer and therefore only one application is going to be adequate. You might also paint over it once the application on the surface has been dried and cured accordingly.

Beside all these features, this sealer is also ultraviolet as well as mildew resistant which will be able to withstand water quickly after application. Also, it is going to cure very fast which will help to make your RV or boat ready for plying on the road within only one hour after the application.

However there is one significant drawback with this popular roof sealant and it is the fact that you will not be able to utilize it for coating TPO, EPDM, or even Polystyrene tops. Otherwise, this product is rather decent stuff offering some useful and innovative features.


a. The product has been manufactured to stop any leakage quickly, and it does that well

b. There is no need for any primer, and it is only a single step application. Good for beginners in sealing and coating.

c. It is able to endure sporadic foot traffic. In my test, I have also noticed that the other products could also do this well.

d. It will be possible to make your RV ready for taking the road within only 60 minutes of the application. I did not test this feature myself.


a. It is not feasible to use the material on TPO, EPDM, or Polystyrene

Purchasing Guide for the Best Roof Sealant Products

Below we have mentioned some essential aspects of a typical RV sealant:

1. Purpose for application

First, consider why you actually need to seal the roofing of your RV. It might be the fact that you are only facing a leakage. In this case, you will only have the requirement of a tube sealant in order to manage this issue.

Nevertheless, in the case the roof is not properly taken care of for an extended period of time, or likewise, there was a degradation all by itself and the whole thing needs to be recoated once again, you will require a reparation in the roof. The roof must be repaired in these cases. These activities should take place before you decide to apply any sealant offered in the industry.

A study of the extent of deterioration is likewise essential since it will help to figure out the amount of work that you will be required to undertake. For instance, you might only be required to purchase a sealant tape in case you only have a minor defect in the rooftop of your RV.

2. Roofing material

The substrate wherein the RV roof sealant will be applied, is decisive to determine what type of RV sealant you require to purchase.

You will come across 3 primary categories of materials utilized in rooftops at present which is as follows:

a. Rubber – Majority of recreational vehicles have rubber rooftops, and this is because of its affordability, as well as reduced weight.  On the other side, the rooftops that are manufactured with this material, may not be structurally suitable in most cases so as to support any heavy impact or weight.

Regarding rubber, we will also encounter currently two variations of synthetic products which are TPO and EPDM.

EPDM  (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). Being extremely rubbery in nature, there is no need for an additional UV protectant; however, it is imperative the fulfillment of a recoating on a regular basis. In the course of time, these types of RV roofs are going to appear rather chalky because of oxidation.

TPO – It is the other synthetic product derived from rubber. It is Thermal-Poly-Olefin. This material has a higher level of rigidity as compared to EPDM, and is much glossier as well.

Fiberglass – At present, you will not come across many RV rooftops which are made from fiberglass, but they still exist. Roofs made from fiberglass will be able to oxidize effectively just like the EDPM roofs out there. They shine more in visual appearance.

Aluminum – These are coated using a clear coat, they become reasonably stable and also do not require much maintenance. In aluminum rooftops, a tube sealant may suffice. But with aluminum, I have not worked myself with sealants.

3. Tear resistance and elasticity

Elasticity is the ability of any typical sealant to turn or twist without sacrificing its sealing properties whatsoever. Nevertheless, the term “tear resistance” implies to the raw strength of the material and also how much force it is able to endure prior to breaking up.  This applies to both liquid tapes as well as sealants.

When it comes to tapes, you will require a material that is quite fixable and also not easy to tear while the liquid sealants are going to need some sort of flexibility for adjusting to the changes.  It is important to keep this in your mind while making any choice since you will need to utilize the appropriate materials in the proper areas.

A sealant that is extremely rubbery in nature will be appropriate for those joints which are susceptible to expansion and contraction, while a rigid or more powerful sealant will be appropriate for those areas that need to support some weight.

4. UV resistance

Ultra Violet or UV rays are actually non-visible radiations that are derived from the sun causing chemical reactions in quite a few substances. It is going to make your RV rooftop wear out in the course of time.  For this, you have a couple of solutions that can provide the most desirable results.

The first one would be to get hold of a roof sealant which is UV resistant and will thus help to increase its lifespan.

The second fix will be to get hold of a cover for the RV which will help to safeguard it from any inclement weather when not in use.

5. Simplicity of application

You do not want to purchase a roof sealant, only to realize afterward that you will require something else which is not available to you, for example, an activator or a primer.

Therefore, it will be a prudent decision to check properly at first. You will likewise need a sealant which is simple to apply as well as clean up whenever required.

Conclusion of Reviews of the 7 Best RV Roof Sealant Products

After coming to the conclusion of this comprehensive review on RV roof sealants and coating, you must have observed all the advantageous offers available out there along with the various situations for which they are appropriate.

roof sealant

An RV provides us with a lot of advantages and one of these happens to be the fact that it provides you with a roof above your head while you are outside your residence on the roads. As a result, it is advisable to maintain the roof of your RV in the best possible way.

With the advent of time, cracks or any other aging sign affecting the roof will become noticeable to you and it is imperative for you to prevent any more deterioration in the future by taking proper care of it.

There are certain drawbacks associated with a leaking RV roof amongst which one is that it will allow water to enter inside. Another significant disadvantage is that the entire RV is going to be damaged drastically and its market value will be reduced as well.  This particular RV roof sealant review mentioned below offers you all the correct info required for maintaining the roof of your RV along with a listing of the best sealants available on the market at present.

You will come across many types of roof sealant products on the market at present. They come in tubes, in liquids, or even tapes. They have been designed for various types of situations and also for providing various types of results.

As a result, it is imperative to be aware of the essential aspects of a typical sealing product, so that you’ll be able to make the proper choice while you are planning to purchase one.

Your choice might be a sealant tube, a tape, or even a multi-gallon container which will, of course, depend on whether there is only a small leak in the roof or the entire roof need to be coated.  At length, it can rightly be asserted that the choice is exclusively yours which will depend largely on your financial budget as well as the specifications of your RV.

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