Class B RV Pros And Cons – My Ten Best Class B RVs

Class B RV Main Attributes

Class B motorhomes are also known as camper vans. They are built using manufactured van frames and are fairly easy to drive and park. They also get much better mileage efficacy than a Class A and a Class C RV. Usually, they have a raised roof which forms a large enough space for it to stand in.

In the past, Class B RVs were recognized as being the smallest offering fewer features and comforts than a Class A or C motorhome. However, this evaluation has changed as the Class B RV models have become more popular and more features as well as comforts are improving.

The latest Class B RV are luxurious and include custom cushioning and carpeting, Corian countertops, wood cabinets, audio and video combos with the additional flat screen and surround sound, patio blinds, slide-out stores, filled baths, generators, exterior storage, towing packages, and even rear backing cameras. An old Class B RV is priced for about $12000-$15000 whereas a newer Class B RV can go for $50000-$100000 easily.

The main feature of a class B RV is to be small and classy. When comparing the three types of motorhomes, the class B RV type is the smallest of them.

If you are exploring the world of recreational vehicles, the different types of motorhomes can be confusing. As there are three classes of motorhomes which include Class A, Class B RV, and C, finally. There are various features that they all have in common but each class has its own distinctive qualities as well as their advantages and disadvantage. Knowing what each class has to offer will help you make the right decision for you.

class b rv

So after you have rented several RVs to discover which is the type of recreational vehicle that satisfies better your requirements, you will see offers for class B RV units from specialist dealers as well as from private persons. Whereas you will usually pay less when you buy your class B RV privately, you have many advantages with dealers such as the one year warranty, and this is for me a decisive advantage. This is the reason why I always bought my RVs in a dealer and not with a private seller.

Nevertheless, you cannot completely rely on the dealer and you have to inspect yourself the class B RV when visiting his facilities. Only there you will be guaranteed that the vehicle has been checked for any damage and all damage has been eliminated. Thus, the seller is liable for one year for unresolved defects, as we just noted above. In this article, we deal with a checklist of all the aspects you have to check when you are with the dealer and before you decide to purchase a class B RV.

Class B RV Pros and Comparison With Other RVs

The Advantages Of Class B RVs

Class B motorhomes are compact and small when compared to a Class A. To a certain extent they are equipped vans given the name of conversion van or camper van. A Class B RV is larger and taller than a standard full-sized van allowing room for sleeping and living. As they are also the smallest and offer the lesser amount of features in regards to the different classes of motorhomes, the standard Class B RV can be small enough to fit in your garage and just about any parking space.

This feature, extraordinary if you live in a large city, makes it a great option for a full-time family vehicle, but for the size, a class B RV is suitable to a couple only. They are also easy to drive and will fit in the smallest of camping sites with little effort. Class B motorhomes can also get double and even triple gas mileage when compared to a Class A or Class C motorhome.

Class B Motorhomes are the smallest of RV’s and are more economical but short on space. Though they usually have a small kitchen area, living room, and bathroom they are rarely useful for full-timing. Two people will fit well in one of these though they might find it a bit condensed.

Due to their size, a Class B RV has a clear advantage over the Class A and Class C models. Also, because of their smaller size, they are less inexpensive, have better fuel efficiency and can be parked just about anywhere and any place.

The main advantage of a Class B RV is that it is small and easier to drive. It looks like a van from the outside so it can be parked anywhere without bringing too much attention.

Class B RV Disadvantages

A Class B RV generally does not have many features or comforts and due to their small floorplan, it can turn difficult to move around and store your gear. Furthermore, the toilet and shower area are combined which can leave you feeling cramped: this is known as a wet room, wet bath or wet toilet. Thus, a class B RV might not be the best for individuals who intend to live full time in an RV this size, hence, they are suitable for trips for only one or two people. The good news is that you can get a Class B RV for a reasonable price, something we mentioned as an advantage.

Our Balance Between Pros And Cons

My first camper was a class B RV when I was single: for me, this is the best option for a couple or for a single man. Finally, after learning about the different types, styles, and sizes of motorhome models, you might be asking why not go for the deluxe and luxurious Class A RV? Or even the Class C with the alcove on the top? No disrespect intended towards Class A or Class C RV owners but a Class B RV provides more ease and mobility. It is also easier to find a parking spot which is a great advantage when hitting fast food joints or visiting parks and places where parking is limited for large campers. Nonetheless, if you are still uncertain about what type of model to choose from, here is a quick checklist that will help you for sure.

With whom and what type of trip will you be doing?
This is the first step when looking to purchase a motorhome. For example, a Class B RV would be great for a couple. But if you are planning a full timing trip with the family a Class C might be the best option due to its size, as the alcove or cab over the bed will be great for a child.

Where are you planning to take a trip?
If you are planning on heading to open space areas, Class B RV would be a good choice as Class A and Class C will be more limited due to their size. Also if you plan to leave the camp and go to the city, an RV of this type is best as you can park it anywhere without bringing attention that your vehicle is a camper.

What ought to be my budget?
Budgets will differ and will depend on the individual person. But having a set number on how you are willing to spend will help you set a limit and avoid getting caught in the excitement of the bells and whistles when walking into a dealership to buy one of these RVs.

Different types of Class B RV: The New Class B+ RV Type

These models are not new, but according to the dealers, there is a new trend since about 2019 that they are selling more of these “enhanced” Class B RV models, that follow also patterns of class C recreational vehicles.

The Class B+ motorhome is the latest addition to the RV type family. Usually, Class B RVs tend to look much like vans from the exterior and have an interior that has been customized offering additional features and a sleeping area of a home. The Class B+ is built cutaway chassis giving it the look of a Class C motorhome. Class B+ offers two main features that keep it from being considered a Class C as it needs a cab over the bed and is not wide like a Class C motorhome.

RV companies have finally paid attention to the demand of consumers for Class B motorhomes. As today there are loads of Class B brands being launched this year and include the Gemini and Synergy Class B+ motorhome and the new Galleria Class B motorhome.

Gemini Class B+ motorhomes by Winnebago

For me, this Gemini model is completely a class C RV and not a class B+ or enhanced class B RV. Judge it by yourself.

Gemini motorhomes include all the features and comforts to make it a “home on wheels”. This Class B+ offers modern and lustrous interior finishing and rests on a Ford Transit Chassis that makes you feel like you are driving in the air. The Gemini Class B+ is one of the latest editions of Thor Motor Coach’s Class B selection.

Main features

• Keyless entry system
• AM/FM dash radio with CD player
• Deluxe heated exterior mirrors with remote control
• Front cap and shower sky lighting
• Jackknife sofa leatherette
• Two-burner gas cooktop
• Convection microwave oven
• Bluetooth
• Coach radio system with DVD player
• HDMI ready exterior speakers and app controlling system

class b rv

Travato Motorhome by Winnebago

The daring force of the Travato carries onward to the all-new 59K with a reinvented open blueprint featuring a spacious saving bathroom area and a deluxe Frolic sleep system. Optional bike and Kayak frames help you experience a rocky day outdoors while its additional features like the Ultra leather furniture, Corian countertops, and the exterior surround sound system relaxes you in comfort as the sun goes down. The Travato not only boosts your adventurous lifestyle, but it also increases it.

Main features
• East to swivel cabinet seats
• Bike and kayak frames (optional)
• Truma Combi Eco plus heating system (1700-watt heating)
• 100-watt solar panel charger (optional)

class b rv

Era Motorhome by Winnebago

The Era Motorhome Class B+ has introduced a whole new group of enthusiasts to the van type of style RV. The all-new Era 4×4 is the first Sprinter on the road RV from Winnebago with the same comforts of 5,000 pounds of towing capacity and four added inches of ground go-ahead. The Era is a combination of fuel efficiency, easy steering, and high-quality features that include a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, radio and rearview mirror, six-inch touchscreen, Rand McNally RV GPS, and a complete blueprint that offers a customized galley and swivel cabinets seats that give additional room to the living space. The interior features LED ceiling lighting, MCD blackout rolling shades, Corina countertops while the blinds with LED lighting keep the outdoor fun rolling.

Main features
• Double door rear for extra storing
• Powered patio awning with added LED lights
• Ultra-leather furnishings

class b rv

Galleria Motorhome by Coachmen RV

This model is a combination of Coachmen RV and Mercedes and their countless years of skill and talent. Galleria, Class B motorhome offers extreme luxury, worth, and importance. Featuring the extended platform of the award-winning 3500 Mercedes Sprinter model with one of the greatest fuel engines on the market. Providing a remarkable 325 pounds of force while still remaining fuel-efficient. This Galleria Motorhome uses only the best and high-quality components.

Main features
• Heated revolving and reclining boss chair
• Bamboo flooring
• V6 diesel/ Blue TEC engine
• Induction cooktop
• Child seat handles in mid-boss chair
• Power heated lateral mirrors
• 100Wsolar panel with the charging of coach and chassis batteries
• Customized Amish cabinetry
• Radius doors and soft close axes


Synergy Class B+ motorhome by Thor Motor Coach

The Synergy motorhomes are appropriately priced for families who are looking to purchase their first motorhome to full-time drivers looking to upgrade their roaming home. The Synergy rests on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and a Blue TEC engine. Every blueprint has one slide in the living area giving this Class B+ motorhome an additional spacing area.

Main features

  • Keyless entry system,
  • Leather furniture,
  • 2-burner gas cooktop,
  • Convection microwave oven,
  • Full body paint packages,
  • Black tank flush system,
  • Radiocast storage stalls,
  • Side swivel doors,
  • Touchscreen dash radio with a DVD/CD player,
  • Bluetooth and a backup video display. When I rented this model, I used my wireless speaker Devialet Gold. It is Bluetooth, wireless, with an incorporated DAC so I could take it outside the RV.
  • Heated side mirrors with remote controller,
  • Living area sky lighting,
  • Full coach water filter systems

Sprinter Class B+ motorhome by Thor motor coach

Sprinter Class B+ motorhomes include state-of-the-art blueprint, very spacious insides, and impressive fuel efficiency. This Siesta Sprinter rests on a Mercedes-Banz chassis with a V6 188HP engine. All floor plans provide a full kitchenette and bathroom. The Sprinter also features an exterior 32-inch LED TV for ideal outdoor entertainment.

Main features

  • keyless entry system
  • touchscreen dash radio with DVD/CD player
  • Bluetooth and back up monitor display
  • Leather furniture
  • Full body paint packages
  • Heated exterior side mirrors with remote controller
  • Living area sky lighting
  • Two-burner gas cooktop
  • Convection microwave oven

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