Best Small Travel Trailers

Best Small Travel Trailers

There are a lot of travel trailers available in the markets but with so many variations available choosing one is very hard. However, if you are looking for a travel trailer that is lightweight small yet perfectly designed to have everything that you would need for your family getaway adventure trip or a road trip to the countryside, then this article is right for you.

Below we have several small travel trailers that can be towed by your SUV or small truck and have every facility you would want from a travel trailer for your adventurous trip with your family or friends.

Little Guy Max



I am one of those people that likes things organized. I do not like a lot of clutter. One of the problems of small travel trailers is, for me, the lack of storage space. This is one of the first topics I pay attention to. Therefore the fact that we have got storage and I can have a place for everything that we bring along, and being able to put it in a specific spot is huge for me.

We have a lot of storage and e we use that for electronics and miscellaneous. By the dining area there are also some storage spaces on each side.


Something else I like in the Little Guy Max trailer is the queen-size bed. I it is a full queen-size bed and that is really nice and roomy. The mattress is very comfortable, however, I am sure that the owner who rented it to me has changed it since he bought the travel trailer.

Another thing in the list is the stereo. I like to listen to music this Little Guy Max has got a pretty decent stereo system. But what I might even love more about it, is the fact that we can listen to music either inside or outside or both. This is a nice feature to have a speaker outside too because we oftentimes will be sitting outside around a fire or just hanging out outside and it is nice to have some music going.


Then, another nice feature, valuable in a small travel trailer, is the large windows. They let in so much light and there are windows everywhere. You can see all around you on three sides. In these windows, we can pull down a screen and it locks, so that keeps the bugs out when we open the window. Furthermore, we can enjoy good shades and they really block the light.

I would like to continue writing about the windows. There is also a window over the queen size bed. This is beautiful because you can see the stars in the sky.

In this list of the best small travel trailers, the Little Guy Max deserves an important mention. I love the fact that it has so much storage, the queen-size bed, and the stereo. I find it very nice to have a stereo that plays decent good music outdoors as well as indoors. Of course, the windows, as these windows are spectacular for letting daylight in and also the big window over the bed.

Happier Camper HC1 (Price starts at 25K)


Quite expensive and not really affordable when compared with other models. When I analyze today these RVs regarded as the best small travel trailers, I study a lot how the storage space and the entire layout are managed by the manufacturer in order to compensate for the lack of available surface.

In that evaluation, Happier Camper HC1 full made with fiberglass and beautiful design does a good job in managing the space.

It comes with an outdoor removable table underneath the carpet. You have a good drain. You have a lot of space in the sink area with your five-gallon water tank and your sink.

There are several storage bins on both sides. It comes with six plastic, strong, cubes and the cubes are great little storage containers. They are all plastic and they are really pretty indestructible.



However, there are many cons to this Happier Camper HC1: There is no fridge, so you will have to bring a portable one. This will occupy a good part of the available space. Likewise, there is no bathroom and not a special resistance to extreme cold weather.

Furthermore, the price is at least twenty-five thousand dollars. This is very expensive for a model like this one with not enough features to offer for the high price.

Tipoon Travel Machine

Travel trailers are becoming better than ever as Tipoon’s new mobile and modular camper pod that becomes triple of its size with the push of a button.

This French small RV was recently approved by the DOT, and the plans are to import some models to our country to test the waters. There were conversations to produce some models in Indiana instead of importing them from France. However, later the French company confirmed that it is only to distribute the models and not to manufacture them.

The lightweight and expandable Tipoon travel machine can switch between three modes: closed, half-open, and fully open, in mere seconds.

Tipoon travel machine measures approximately 5.5 feet in height and 5.5 feet in width when closed for transport. In open mode, both sides open out to increase the width to 10.5 feet while the height expands to 8.4 feet.

This travel trailer is made with an insulated poly composite monoblock shell with a galvanized subframe.

The interior is available in four configurations such as a single sleeper, bed sleeper, king-size sleeper, and dining area, as well as a bathroom with a shower.

It also has a kitchen with a sink. The tiny kitchen includes a hot plate, refrigerator, and storage space while the bathroom houses a shower and toilet combination wet room area.

Transforming and space-saving furniture make the most of the small footprint as seen beneath the fixed bed where a dining table benches and even storage slide out.

Tipoon travel machine is designed as a standalone pod that can be removed from the trailer and stored in a garage when not in use. The travel trailer price is approximately $30,000. This is too high for us, higher than the Happier Camper.

Sylvan Sport Go

This travel trailer weighs a little bit over 800 pounds so you can pull it with just about every towing vehicle.

It has a step to enter the camper. When the trailer folds up, that is where your license plate lives. It comes with an awning that is very easy to extend and the structure with aluminum rims.

There is a storage pod outside. Of course, it has stabilizer jacks so it is nice and stable.

Sylvan Sport Go claims that you can sleep up to four here. It is possible. I have used it differently. It is set up to sleep two persons: one on each side.

There s a good table and this is interesting. We have got the table but what happens is that there is another table like this uptop, that can go across, so you can sleep for all the way across and the mattresses do come with it. And now yes, the company is right with their claims. Four persons can eventually sleep there.

You have a little stargazer, so you can look at the Milky Way. In toy hauler mode, the storage pod does have a tilt. Therefore, you can put a dirt bike there. I have not used it in the toy hauler mode.



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